UFC 229 – McGregor vs Khabib – Crazy Violence during and after the Fight

SUMMARY OF Tonight’s Explosive Events at UFC 229

The nastiest fight in the history of the UFC – that’s the bottom line here. Khabib tapped McGregor out in the middle of the 4th round. Khabib then proceeded to jump out of the Octagon and attack Dillon Danis who was cage-side. Dillon Danis was a big part of Conor McGregor’s Wrestling preparation for this fight and will find his name in every sports report today and tomorrow.

Nurmagomedov’s team then moved into the cage and attacked a defenseless Conor McGregor in the cage. One member caught on camera striking McGregor in the head. This act is the one that is going to absolutely destroy Khabib and his team.

This marred a huge win for Khabib Nurmagomedov. I mean he was a beast for the whole fight. He very nearly ended the fight in the middle of the second round. Instead of McGregor dropping Nurmagomedov it was Khabib that caught Conor with a crazy over hand right. He spent the next 3 minutes pounding the shit out of McGregor on the ground. It seemed that he could take McGregor to the ground at will. In the actual fight he look absolutely superb.

Conor had a brief purple patch in the middle of the 3rd round as Khabib tried to refill the gas tank, But McGregor himself was out of energy and there was no zip in his strikes. In fairness McGregor’s take down defence was much improved. The troubling thing for him though is that once the fight was on the ground it was a case of rank amateur against a seasoned pro.

When the finish eventually came – it looked like Conor McGregor gave up. The choke hold didn’t look like it was even under McGregor’s chin. Exhaustion did him in for a finish.

Khabib was livid at the end of the 3rd round with the referee Herb Deane. Mcgregor looked to be clearly interfering with the Dagestani’s glove.

Conor can have no argument with the result as he was rag dolled for the entire fight. Dana White did not put the belt on Nurmagomedov in fear that the crowd would boil over into outright anarchy. He was forced to leave the stage without it.

I cannot emphasize how stupid Khabib’s behavior was here tonight. He absolutely destroyed McGregor. However what will be remembered now will be the absolutely horrific scenes at the end of the fight. With so many Irish and Russian fans in Las Vegas i just hope this doesn’t spiral out of control outside the arena.

I have always had so much respect for Khabib up until tonight. The comments by McGregor in the run up have obviously struck very close to his heart.

Khabib Nurmagomedov now faces the possibility of Fines, suspension, criminal charges and ultimately his Visa could be in jeopardy.

Dana White was interviewed afterwards and the only word to describe him was SHELL-SHOCKED. He reiterated what i am saying above that there will be consequences far beyond the UFC for the Nurnagomedov team.

The Nevada Athletic commission have withheld Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fight purse and are reviewing his actions that contributed to the wild melee that subsequently ensued. Dana White revealed that of the three members of Khabib’s Team that entered the Octagon after the ring at least one may be a contracted UFC fighter. White intimated that this fighter will never fight for the UFC again.

Expect retaliation from the McGregor camp over this. This is not over.


PRELIMS for UFC 229 – There were some great fights here

Aspen Ladd Gave the first standout performance of the early part of the evening. The 23 year old put a beating on the hugely experienced Tonya Evinger. The referee was left with no option but to stop the fight. She showed a violent streak to ground and pound the 37 year old Evinger into the ground.

Up Next in the prelims –  Welterweights Luque and Turner in a 3 rounder.


Absolutely devastating finish there by Luque. We had a bit of everything there. Flying kicks, Spinning elbows, Strikes and elbows. Turner looks to be unconscious in the centre of the Octagon. Once Turner was on the ground that was it for him. That’s 7 wins out of 8 for Vicente Luque in the UFC.

Remember Vicente Luque too this fight on Two Weeks Notice.

Pettis Vs Formiga Next – Should be a great match up.

Sergio Pettis is the first of the Pettis brothers in action tonight. 125 lb Division fight. winner should be a favorite for a title shot.

Just a mention of Nick Lentz before we get going on this fight. After his win he decide to use his Joe Rogan time to give a Shoutout to Controversial Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Just what we need MMA Fighters and political freedom fighters. raises the question are all MMA fighters in the U.S. Republicans ?

Anyway on we go. Herb Dean is the referee.

Keep track of all of the action tonight with our Irish Blogger – Page update every couple of minutes with results and Fun! #UFC229

Round 1

Tough call Sergio did some good work on his feet but Formiga executed a good take down and got in some sneaky damage on the ground. Good round by both Gentlemen. Remember the South American Formiga is black belt Jiu-jitsu and Judo.

Round 2

Pettis corner slightly more worried so far. Single leg take down by Formiga again in the Second. Formiga gains a dominant position on top without doing a hell of a lot of damage.

Formiga is highly impressive on the top. Sergio Pettis is defending well though from the ground. However another round ends and Pettis is on his back at the end. I have it 2 zip to Formiga.

Round 3

Pettis needs to take some chances. commentators agree Pettis down two rounds. FUCK Formiga has got Pettis back. This is bad news for Pettis. He can’t really do anything here or else strangulation from the Choke will end the fight.

WOW – Formiga spent about 4 minutes on Pettis’ back – Right to the end of the round. Beautiful execution and Pettis didn’t move to the centre of the ring until the last half of a minutes and it was too late at that stage to try and execute a finish. Unanimous decision win for Formiga.

Crowd are booing for some reason. Don’t know why. I thought Formiga was excellent. Probably need to factor in that there are a lot of Conor fanboys in the house tonight that are not MMA Diehards. Hugely Technical fight – I enjoyed it

The fucking Prelims absolutely flew by and we now move into the Main Event Card.

Main Event – The Countdown Begins

Shout out to John Malkovich – Is intro to the main event coverage was suitable chilling and unhinged.

Joe Rogan has decided to ratchet up the rhetoric and is not calling this an unprecedented cultural event. Thatta boy Joe Loving it…

First up on the Main Event Card – Michelle Waterson and Felice Herrig

Good Fight So far. Michelle Waterson has successfully completed take downs in every ufc event she has entered. Good take down in round 2.

Moving into round 3, Herrig needs to go after Waterson in this round. Superb Work from Waterson on her back in round 3. Savage elbows to Herrig’s Skull and Jaw.  Superb Head kick by Waterson at the end of round 3.

Great Showcase for the women’s 115lb Division. Waterson has been impressive thus far. Although Herrig is much the bigger fighter in the Octagon.

Judges Score cards – fairly Comprehensively scored it for Michelle Waterson. One judge even had it 30-26 which means there must have been a 10-8 round. Waterson a step closer to the title now. Post Fight Interview reveals Waterson wants to be first UFC champion that is a Mom.


Derrick Lewis and Alexander Volkov – Heavyweight

I am looking forward to this bad boy of a fight. Two Heavyweights who are looking to put themselves in line for a shot at the Heavyweight Title. Volkov has a huge height advantage. Lewis has a huge aggression and strength advantage.

Joe Rogan is calling the giant Volkov as the dark horse of the Heavyweight Division. Derrick Lewis on the other hand has a very simple plan. 1st round Knock out. If it goes past that he is probably fucked. Bad back apparently.


Volkov has two huge flurries that nearly wipe out Lewis. Looks like Lewis Received an eye poke and sportingly Volkov ushers the ref in to take a Timeout.

Superb Round. Derrick Lewis takes a load punishment but lands a haymaker. Volkov then gets a take down. Derrick Lewis’ toughness is not in question though. He was able to reverse Volkov and ground and pound him till the end of the round.

Hard to Call who won the round. Lewis a big Fan Favorite.

Round 2

Lewis has a big problem with his left eye. Both men land some huge hits at the start of the round. The pace drops off significantly in the last 3 minutes. Leg kicks and jabs secure the round for Volkov.

Lewis’ corner tell him he is two rounds down and that he needs to finish the fucking fight. Coach calls him to up the pace and unload bombs

Round 3

WHAT A FUCKING FINISH IN THE LAST 10 SECONDS BY LEWIS. All fight and all round Lewis is taking leg kicks and jabs. Almost no offense from Lewis. But He was waiting and waiting for his opportunity. Volkov was doing everything right switching stances staying on the outside but in the last 25 seconds Derrick Launch with a jab and a monster right hand. A 10 second flurry of Ground and pound and the fight was over. Volkov can scarcely believe what has just happened.

The Irish crowd are going NUTS for Lewis . Fight of the Night so Far.

” Shit I aint to Technical but i’m getting there ” ” Donald Trump rang me and told me i had to knock out this Russian fucker”   –  What can you say Derrick Lewis is a fucking Legend. NEXT FIGHT PLEASE

ST Preux vs Reyes – Light Heavyweight

Round 1

Dominic Reyes put on an exhibition in the first round. Leg kicks , Elbows and Strikes to the Head.  He showed great patience but i hope he isn’t sorry that he didn’t finish OSP. St Preux spent at least 2 minutes of the round not knowing where he was. I thought the ref could have stopped it at one point. Definitely OSP got off the Hook in this round

Round 2

OSP loses another round. His coach is going bananas in the corner. Less activity in this round. Reyes was pacing himself after the high output of the 1st round

Round 3

Reyes volume again is not very high. OSP Looks for the Finish. The finish to the round is very exciting as Reyes seemed to knock out OSP at the end of the round. However the The horn for the end of the round sounded while OSP was falling to the ground!

So in the end The fight went to the score cards. Dominic Reyes won at any rate 3 rounds to Zip. Reyes looked great here. One thing to note is that he has great, great takedown defence.

Reyes needs to get his fight management sorted though he expended too much energy in the first round with the result the middle 7 minutes of the fight were very low paced.

Joe Rogan is in full hype mode though!

You Entered the ring an up and comer and leave it a contender”


Anthony Pettis vs Tony Ferguson – Lightweight

I am going to stick my neck out. Pettis will win this. Tony Ferguson is only 5 months out from a very serious Knee injury and Surgery. He cannot be ready for this fight. I would worry that he will jeopardize his whole career tonight. However Ferguson has a 10 fight winning streak in the Lightweight division.

” A brilliant weirdo” – Joe Rogan on Ferguson

Round 1

Already Pettis lands one kick to Ferguson’s damaged leg and he looks like he is limping already. Ferguson moving very gingerly. All the commentators are questioning the wisdom of him coming back so early.

Late in the round Ferguson looks to be moving better and applying tremendous pressure on Pettis. Superb Striking by Ferguson. Pettis Lucky to get out of the round. Fuck Impressive by Ferguson. Looks like it took Ferguson about 2 minutes to get comfortable with his leg and then relaxed into the fight. Impressive so far.


Round 2

PETTIS comes out very strong land some huge punches. Huge amount of blood coming out of Ferguson and PETTIS. Fight stopped because of the blood coming from top of PETTIS’s head. Wild second round. Head kicks, Leg kicks and huge strikes. Ferguson looks to have recovered from the near KO at the beginning of the round.

Ferguson superior technical ability is in evident in the last 2 minutes of the round. He maintains a savage pressure and pace.  Ferguson’s Probably sneaked it! – Even though he was very close to being knocked out.

Anthony Pettis has broken his Right hand. The corner are pulling him from the fight. Crowd boo. But it was absolutely the right decision. Tony Ferguson is crying in the ring obviously its been an uncertain journey back from that knee injury.

The Octagon is a sea of blood from both fighters. Pettis’s face has him looking like he is Elephant man.

Bravo Ferguson – I though you were nuts to fight tonight. However takes a punch about as well as Amir Khan.


Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov  – Lightweight UFC Championship Fight

What a night we have had so far. It has been absolutely Brilliant. Can the main event live up to the occasion?

McGregor walks out to Sinead O’Connor and ‘ The Foggy Dew’. The atmosphere is electric. Is McGregor A hint more Nervous looking than usual?

Khabib is 1 inch Taller and McGregor has a 4 inch reach advantage


2 thoughts on “UFC 229 – McGregor vs Khabib – Crazy Violence during and after the Fight

  1. “Nurmagomedov’s team then moved into the cage and attacked a defenseless Conor McGregor in the cage. One member caught on camera striking McGregor in the head. This act is the one that is going to absolutely destroy Khabib and his team.”

    One would think someone writing a lengthy article like this would at least watch the footage of the events, this is absolute rubbish.

    Watch this, Conor throws the first punch on the fence, and then Khabibs team attack him: https://twitter.com/RamGilboa/status/1048808154111336448 (@ 0.41)

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