Time for England to chop up the Swedes

England’s World Cup Fate is decided today. Win and an eminently winnable World Cup Semi-Final awaits. Lose and it will long be remembered that this was the World Cup that they let slip through their fingers.

Lets be honest, England reaching World Cup quarter finals – should be the absolute minimum bench mark requirement of English teams. Against Sweden today they will have about 500 million euro’s worth of talent on the pitch. Sweden are a functional team. I was going to use an IKEA analogy here, but without Zlatan they lack that little bit of style to make the analogy work.

Gareth Southgate has said previously that this team will peak in about two years time. Unfortunately for him the footballing Gods have decided to give him his lucky break two years early. The way the World Cup draw has broken and broken in his Team’s favour has never happened to an English team before at a World cup or even at a Euro Championship.

Regardless of England’s perceived lack of experience they’ve got the ability to get to the World Cup Final. They must take that opportunity this afternoon. I must admit I think they will take it and I am hoping for a game with a few goals and plenty of drama. The Swede’s will be quietly thrilled that they are facing England. However I think the over-confidence that previous teams from England might have displayed on seeing this draw is not present in this team.

I think their collective inexperience and the managers sound stewardship of the camp will see to that.

This team could play better in 2 or 4 years team and get booted out after the second round. It’s the luck of the draw. When Opportunity knocks, unfortunately for Gareth and the English players, it doesn’t normally knock a second time. England’s big chance to appear in a second world cup final has arrived. Will they have the courage to take it?HKANE

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