#MayMacWorldTour – What did McGregor and Mayweather learn?

So the dust has finally settled on an unprecedented World Promotional tour for , I suppose,  a most unprecedented fight. Bottom line both fighters entertained and took to their roles with gusto. They got the job done and the event sold.

At it’s worst moments the whole show threatened to Jump over the cliff along sexist, racist or even homophobic lines. At it’s best moments it was theatre pure and simple. Theatre deserving of an amphitheater and in Toronto it felt like Floyd Mayweather was the one to be fed to the Lions.

The following night in the Barclay’s Arena in Brooklyn, was so bad for McGregor, a part of you wondered had he done it on purpose. His attempted apology or explanation for the racial language  (the use of the word ‘boy’ in the previous two press conferences) added to petrol to a flame that was barely a flicker.

Of course Mayweather couldn’t cope 24 hours having people’s sentiments soften towards him before diving in with the use of the word ‘faggot’ in the final London Press Conference. Despite this and a dozen or so other subplots both men sold the fight. Or perhaps the better description would be that they sold the event.

I was somewhat reluctant beforehand to voice the opinion that Mayweather vs McGregor would surpass the 4.6 million buys that Mayweather and Paqaiou did – but now having watched the drama of last week unfold and the response on social media I would be very surprised if it doesn’t blow those numbers out of the water.

What have both men learned about each other having been up close and personal  4 times?. I suspect what Mcgregor has learned about Floyd is that he is a Big man child. It was a theme he came back to time and again until at the London Press Conference it became the central plank on which he spoke. How useful this information is to McGregor remains to be seen.

All through his career McGregor has been a guy poking and prodding opponents to either get in their head or at least glean enough information from them so as to establish who they are at their core. I don’t think McGregor has managed to get in Mayweather’s head but Mayweather has revealed himself to be utterly childish and childlike in his behaviour. I don’t believe this is a pretense and one would almost feel sorry for him just for the sheer volume of hangers on that surround him and that are in all likelihood bleeding him dry.

What Mayweather has learned about McGregor could be of more value. McGregor is absolutely convinced that he is going to dismantle Floyd Mayweather. His mind does not and will not entertain defeat. If you knew nothing about boxing or MMA and watched the fighters talk you would be forgiven for thinking it was Mayweather who was the one that was crossing over into McGregor’s domain. Such is the Irishman’s confidence. I was watching an Interview with Mayweather’s business manager Leonard Ellerbee and he almost spoke in awe as he described how confident McGregor comes across and in particular how confident he is in predicting a win.

‘ This motherfucker is absolutely convinced he is going to knock Floyd out and Floyd is aware of that now ‘

I think any chance there was of Floyd Mayweather underestimating and coming in cold against McGregor has evaporated during this World Promotional Tour and that in the end might be the saving of him. Although We’ll see what the next 6 weeks bring!!!!

At the very end of the London Press Conference Mcgregor ended by saying

‘That’s the end of the Bullshit – now we fight’ – I have a feeling there maybe a little BS left in this one yet!!



Gunnar Nelson Fucking destroys Jouban at UFC London.

Finally a performance from Gunnar Nelson that does justice to his talents at UFC London. He needed a stand out performance like this on as co-Main event. Gunni threw out a Straight right hand at the beginning of the second round that rocked Jouban to the core and his feet started doing the chicken dance. For that moment on it was light out for the American mixed martial artist. Nelson pounced on him like a tiger and went straight for the guillotine and within 5 seconds the submission was complete. It was scary how quick the ending came but it was a finish that should garner some real attention for the Icelandic MMA star who fights out of John Kavanagh’s SBG gym.

The roars of the crowd were huge as Nelson was being Interviewed in the Octagon and the Viking chants could be heard throughout the first round. That Gunni has a big following in the UK is a big plus for him especially when Dana White gets around to matchmaking him for his next fight. It will be interesting to see if Nelson will break into the top 5 of the welterweight division after this fight although it has to be remembered while Jouban was hyped he wasn’t ranked in the divisions top 10 before tonight.

Pictures from inside tonight’s Octagon


I could see Gunnar Nelson Co-main event the right Pay Per View card at this moment in time. Before tonight he was like fighters Fighter. He is hugely respected by his peers and commentators in the know in the UFC. He demonstrated, at last, that killer instinct in the Octagon tonight that puts bums on seats. I fancy Cowboy Cerrone has licked his wounds for long enough and will want to be getting back in the ring before long and this could be the match up that fans would sit up and take notice of. I would heavily fancy Gunnar Nelson in this fight and that could be his stepping stone to a shot at the welterweight title.

I have written previously about the Icelandic Martial artists impressive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grounding but tonight i was delighted to see him reveal some stand up striking ability and that huge Right hand was the shot that set up the impressive finish tonight. Asked in the ring had he prepared much specifically for Jouban he said that he was more concentrated on preparing himself and ensuring his Gameplan was executed in the correct manner. Tonight he executed the plan to perfection. Bravo Gunnar

Fight Stats from UFC

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