The Big Winners from BAMMA30


The only let down with BAMMA30 last night in the 3 Arena was the main event – Philpott Vs Walsh. It brought a somewhat anti-climactic finish to what was an otherwise excellent card. If you haven’t already heard, the bout was ruled a no contest due to Philpott’s Illegal kick to Shay Walsh’s head while he was still on the ground trying to get up.

Philpott has only himself to blame for this one as with a little patience I believe he would have finished the fight inside the next 30 seconds. He was absolutely killing Walsh in that torrid 1st round. The two have been engaged in a war of words since the controversial finish as it has subsequently turned out that Walsh has suffered a broken jaw from the illegal blow and will be no doubt out of action for a long time to come.


Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond defeated C4 Sinclair in the other Co-main event slot and I have to say that Redser looked very, very good in this one. C4 is a BAMMA legend but the Knee Bar finish by Redmond in the 2nd showed his ability to recognise an opportunity and implement the appropriate finish quickly. He has to be in line for a title shot after that and C4 after announcing his retirement in the ring by throwing his gloves on the floor said as much in his interview afterwards

Fabian Edwards for me was the most impressive fighter on show last night. In fact i’d congratulate Aaron Kennedy for actually making it into the second round. Fabian has a combination of speed and power that looked just different class here last night. He also showed his repertoire of skills by getting the submission finish.


Interviewed afterwards ‘The Assassin’ sounded a little downbeat. He was I think miffed that he made a few mistakes that meant he didn’t get that first round finish he predicted. This is a kid in a hurry , maybe a little too much so, and the only word of caution i’d issue here is possibly skip that September BAMMA card and go again in the November Bellator/BAMMA offering. This is a minor quibble and I would be very surprised if Fabian Edwards isn’t in the UFC inside of 12 months. He’s that good.

Other Big winners on the night for me were Blaine O’Driscoll and Richard Kiely. Blaine has an all action style and got the submission in the second round. It took a little bit of work to get that rear naked choke but he worked the position and and eventually the finish. He is a work in progress but progressing definitely in the Right direction. It was Interesting to note, that as far as i could tell, his fight had the highest viewing figures on the Unilad Stream so it would seem he also has a quite a fan base. Definitely the streaming figures dropped by 2,500 to 3,500 in the subsequent fights.


There was a war of words and feet between Daniel Olejniczak and Richard Kiely in the run up to their bout that even managed to seep out into the mainstream press. Richie is not shy about saying that he is the Face of BAMMA and the people’s main event. So it is fair to say that he had lumped a fair amount of pressure on himself in the lead up to this Welterweight bout but boy did he deliver in style with a clinical finish in the second round. The combination of Patience and devastating speed to set up the finish will I am sure have pleased his coach John Kavanagh.

In the 1st round both fighters were feeling each other out with not a huge amount in the way of action however Richie set up the finish with a beautiful straight left which knocked his opponent to the ground and hammer-fisted away until the Referee could jump and save Daniel from further punishment. That means Kiely is now 2-0 in his BAMMA career and he will be definitely looking for a shot at the Welterweight title very soon if not his next fight.




Meet James Gallagher – The Next Big Thing at Bellator 180

” If it was any other 20 year old i would probably hold him back” Coach John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh of SBG Gym and Conor Mcgregor fame isn’t given to hyperbole but with rising Bellator star James Gallagher it’s hard not to be impressed. As the old baseball scouts used to say ‘ He’s a kid you can dream on’.

If your an Irish MMA fan you’ll probably already know that James has been added to the big Bellator 180 card in Madison Square garden on Saturday June 24th 2017.  Bellator are hoping this will be their biggest ever event and the card is stacked. It show’s how highly Scott Coker and the organisation think of him that he’s been added at this early stage.


Also, seasoned MMA fans will be familiar with Gallagher’s record as a professional – it’s 6-0 with 5 out 6 wins coming inside the distance via submission. When you consider that he is still only 20 years old it is quite phenomenal.

Not being funny but Conor Mcgregor was nowhere near this state of maturity and preparedness as a 20 year old. Not even fucking close. His performance in his last fight in Belfast on the Bellator 173 card was very impressive. Especially given the added pressure of performing in front of his hometown fans in a packed SSE Arena. He basically whooped Medvedovsky inside the 1st half of the first round. Take a look at his fight record record below and note how he turned professional as an 18 year old !!

James Gallagher2


While his fight record is impressive we will add a note of caution as we tend to with any beast of a Grappler. What will happen when he meets a standout puncher with good grappling defence?

Well we won’t have to wait much longer to wait find out folks – as i think we’ll get a couple of these questions answered in Madison Square Garden on the 24th of June.

Chinzo Machido comes from a famed MMA family and will be by far the best striker that Gallagher will have come up against. Judging by the reaction on twitter and social media this is a fight that fans are excited about. While the main card here is stacked it is relying on the drawing power of Hall of Famer’s whose best days in all fairness are probably in the rear-view mirror. This fight gives Bellator 180 a great taste of the young talent in the organisation and is a great shop window to what will be hopefully a large and engaged American audience.

Gallagher is a good-looking kid and shares that Conor Mcgregor sense of style and swagger outside the Octagon (although polar opposites inside it) and he will be used heavily in the promotional side of things  and i have already seen plenty of Retweeted photos of himself and Scott Coker since the announcement. It’s a big next step for the 20 year old from Strabane but one i expect him to take comfortably in his stride