The Big Winners from BAMMA30


The only let down with BAMMA30 last night in the 3 Arena was the main event – Philpott Vs Walsh. It brought a somewhat anti-climactic finish to what was an otherwise excellent card. If you haven’t already heard, the bout was ruled a no contest due to Philpott’s Illegal kick to Shay Walsh’s head while he was still on the ground trying to get up.

Philpott has only himself to blame for this one as with a little patience I believe he would have finished the fight inside the next 30 seconds. He was absolutely killing Walsh in that torrid 1st round. The two have been engaged in a war of words since the controversial finish as it has subsequently turned out that Walsh has suffered a broken jaw from the illegal blow and will be no doubt out of action for a long time to come.


Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond defeated C4 Sinclair in the other Co-main event slot and I have to say that Redser looked very, very good in this one. C4 is a BAMMA legend but the Knee Bar finish by Redmond in the 2nd showed his ability to recognise an opportunity and implement the appropriate finish quickly. He has to be in line for a title shot after that and C4 after announcing his retirement in the ring by throwing his gloves on the floor said as much in his interview afterwards

Fabian Edwards for me was the most impressive fighter on show last night. In fact i’d congratulate Aaron Kennedy for actually making it into the second round. Fabian has a combination of speed and power that looked just different class here last night. He also showed his repertoire of skills by getting the submission finish.


Interviewed afterwards ‘The Assassin’ sounded a little downbeat. He was I think miffed that he made a few mistakes that meant he didn’t get that first round finish he predicted. This is a kid in a hurry , maybe a little too much so, and the only word of caution i’d issue here is possibly skip that September BAMMA card and go again in the November Bellator/BAMMA offering. This is a minor quibble and I would be very surprised if Fabian Edwards isn’t in the UFC inside of 12 months. He’s that good.

Other Big winners on the night for me were Blaine O’Driscoll and Richard Kiely. Blaine has an all action style and got the submission in the second round. It took a little bit of work to get that rear naked choke but he worked the position and and eventually the finish. He is a work in progress but progressing definitely in the Right direction. It was Interesting to note, that as far as i could tell, his fight had the highest viewing figures on the Unilad Stream so it would seem he also has a quite a fan base. Definitely the streaming figures dropped by 2,500 to 3,500 in the subsequent fights.


There was a war of words and feet between Daniel Olejniczak and Richard Kiely in the run up to their bout that even managed to seep out into the mainstream press. Richie is not shy about saying that he is the Face of BAMMA and the people’s main event. So it is fair to say that he had lumped a fair amount of pressure on himself in the lead up to this Welterweight bout but boy did he deliver in style with a clinical finish in the second round. The combination of Patience and devastating speed to set up the finish will I am sure have pleased his coach John Kavanagh.

In the 1st round both fighters were feeling each other out with not a huge amount in the way of action however Richie set up the finish with a beautiful straight left which knocked his opponent to the ground and hammer-fisted away until the Referee could jump and save Daniel from further punishment. That means Kiely is now 2-0 in his BAMMA career and he will be definitely looking for a shot at the Welterweight title very soon if not his next fight.




The Carlow Kid’s – BAMMA30 Predictions and fighter analysis

Andy ‘The Carlow Kid’ Murphy has been forced to pull out of BAMMA30  but ‘The Carlow Kid’ has kindly agreed to do a run down of all the Fights and make some predictions on each bout with MMA Insider. Some great insights on the fighters as well.  There are certainly some Interesting Choices!

Incidentally Andy pulled out due to getting rocked by Vertigo. He is hope to be back light training next week and is provisionally booked to fight in September and will be looking to get back on the Next BAMMA Card.

As he says himself

‘ A setback is just an oppurtunity to make a comeback’


Harry Hardwick Vs Blaine O’Driscoll

The Carlow Kid Says:   Blaine O’Driscoll.

The guy is on a tear at the minute. High work rate and cannot see him losing in front of a home crowd.

Steve Owens Vs Maciej Gierszewski

The Carlow Kid Says:  Steve Owens.

If I’m totally honest I don’t know much about Maciej but no doubt he’ll want to make a statement against Steve Owens. Steve is known for his K.O. power and finishing ability. For that reason I’d have to fancy Steve Owens. Will be an interesting fight though!!

Arann Maguire Vs Dylan Logan

The Carlow Kid Says:  Arann Maguire.

A very interesting fight I will certainly be keeping a close eye on. Arann is a game, tough durable guy with a very solid ground game. And Dylan, smack talk aside is a well rounded fighter with rangy striking and a slick ground game too. I’d call it a 50/50 fight but think Arann grinds out a decision win.

Decky Dalton Vs Mick Brennan

The Carlow Kid Says:  Mick Brennan.

This is potential fight of the night! I have to go with My teammate and good friend Mick Brennan for this one. He is in the best shape of his career and looking to make a statement against a guy who is well known and respected on these shores. Decky brings heart, durability and a well rounded game. He also like Mick brings a following so the atmosphere in the 3 arena should be great for this. I see mick winning a 3 round war. Don’t blink!!

Ben Forysth Vs Matthew Clempner


The Carlow Kid Says: Ben Forsyth.

Again, I don’t have super knowledge on Matthew but have seen Ben fight a few times. Was on the same BAMMA card when he beat Pelu Adetola. Very strong well rounded athletic guy. Again, in front of a home crowd I see the Irishman getting his hand raised.

 Kiefer Crosbie Vs Darius Swierkosz

The Carlow Kid Says: Kiefer Crosbie

Have to say I fancy Kiefer for this. He’s around a long time, has a solid amateur background to go with an impressive start to his pro career. And is fighting in his hometown.

Richie Kiely Vs Daniel OleJniczak

The Carlow Kid Says: Daniel OleJniczak

This is a very interesting fight. Lots of smack talk which has brought eyes on it. Richie is a solid striker and has branded himself the face of BAMMA. I do recall him getting K.O.’d by a young guy at BattleZone a year or two ago at the Regency in Dublin. So he can be beaten on the feet! Saying that, Daniel will have to impose his game-plan and close distance to get this fight where he wants it which I presume would be to the ground. I recall him winning via TKO at BAMMA 28 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take Richie out the same way if he can get it there. Should be an interesting match up to say the least.

Ilkin Gasimov vs Philip Mulpeter

The Carlow Kid Says: Philip Mulpeter

I was very much looking forward to seeing Philip fight my teammate Myles. It was a definite stand out fight on the card. Unfortunately Myles was injured and ruled out of this show. Like Myles, Philip is around a long time and doing this sport since before it was the cool thing to do. He is very durable, has lots of heart and always comes to fight. His fights with Richie Gorey and John Donnelly a number of years back always comes to mind. I feel the Honey Badger wins this fight and hopefully we see Myles and Philip do battle in the future.

Ion Pascu Vs Henry Fadipe

The Carlow Kid Says: Ion Pascu

Ion Pascu has finishing power whether it be by submission or K.O. Of his 15 wins 12 have been finished. I’ve not seen much of Henry of late but he is also a veteran of the game and it’s good to see him back on an Irish card. I think Ion may prove too much on this occasion.

Richie Smullen Vs Rhys McKee

Rhys Mckee

The Carlow Kid Says: Rhys McKee

This is a cracking match up. I’m intrigued by it as I’m sure many are. Richie is as slick as it comes when it comes to the grappling side of the game. There’s no doubt Rhys will have to watch those legs of his because if richie gets a hold either it may be another limb on his mantelpiece. However, if Rhys lands one of those ko blows he’s renowned for then Richie’s chin may be on Rhys mantelpiece!! It could prove to be a QuickDraw match up. Who can get to their high percentage technique first? If pushed, I favour Rhys. But only due to every round starting standing. 2 high level guys.


Niklas Stolze Vs Chris Stringer

The Carlow Kid Says:  Chris Stringer

Another quality match up with lots on the line. I feel more so probably for Chris Stringer. He’s coming off the back of a couple of losses but they’re not to any Joe Soaps they are to top level guys. This losing streak has to come to an end at some stage and as they say a loss is only a loss if you don’t learn from it. This may be the fight that gets him back in the win column. It won’t be easy though against a solid Niklas Stolze.

Ryan Curtis Vs Daniel Barez

The Carlow Kid Says: Ryan Curtis

Have to say I fancy Ryan Curtis for this. He’s a hungry young fighter that doesn’t lack in self belief. I can’t see this Spanish guy beating him, especially in Dublin. I see Curtis getting the finish here.

Fabian Edwards Vs Rob Sinclair

The Carlow Kid Says: Fabian Edwards

Fabian Edwards is coming in with a lot of hype behind him and I believe he’ll live up to it on the night. That’s not taking anything away from Aaron he had a solid amateur career also and is now looking to make his mark at pro level. I just feel Fabian’s athleticism and striking ability may prove too much.


Paul Redmond Vs Rob Sinclair

The Carlow Kid Says: Paul Redmond

If you are looking for a role model or someone to look up to in this game then look no further than Paul Redmond. The guy epitomizes hard work. I remember making my amateur MMA league debut in Galway with this guy years ago. I was fighting at lightweight and he was trying to cut to middleweight! He is such a well rounded MMA fighter and the scary thing is he is continuing to progress. Not only is he highly skilled he has tons of heart and durability also. He will need that in this fight against rob who is a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to striking. However I feel Redser’s work rate and overall skill-set will prove too much on the night.

Alan Philpott Vs Shay Walsh

The Carlow Kid Says: Alan Philpott

It’s a cracking main event. Philpott although losing to Tom Duquesnoy, looked fantastic in what was a great fight with the former BAMMA champ who is now contracted to the UFC. Shay Walsh is coming in off two solid unanimous decisions wins over Aaron Blackwell and James Mcerlean. I recall Philpott disposing off Blackwell quite easily back at BAMMA 26 also. This makes for an exciting fight, two quality high level guys finishing off a super card. If pushed, I go with Philpott edging out a decision.



Artem Lobov – A Russian Hammer forged in Ireland

‘ I’m also just glad i don’t have to be sparring with that motherfucker anymore’ – Artem on Owen Roddy

‘ I left Russia when i was 13. I learned to fight in Ireland’ – Artem Lobov

#UFCNashville is fast approaching and for UFC Featherweight Artem Lobov, it his one and only opportunity to steal the limelight and star in his very own main event with Cub Swanson. In the home of the Grand Ole Opry it’s time for Artem to bring the house down or exit stage left through the paupers exit. Unfortunately that can be the brutality of the UFC.

Artem Lobov fights out of the John Kavanagh – Straight Blast Gym – and he is one of the old schoolers of the Kavanagh regime. In fact , Kavanagh in late 2016 , said he has travelled more with Artem than any other fighter under his tutelege.

Inevitably any conversation about Artem involves talking about Conor Mcgregor. Artem has sparred more rounds with Conor than anyone on the planet. As the Russian Hammer put’s it himself

‘ I am training with the best guy on the planet on a daily basis’

artem Conor

More than that the two are very close. In fact in an interview last year John Kavanagh revealed that so brutal were the sparring sessions between the two that he had to put an end to them, much earlier in Mcgregor Training Camps for fear of injury or leaving his best stuff on the training mat.

One of the side effects of the massive explosion in Mixed Martial Arts in Ireland due to Mcgregor is that Straight Blast Gym has expanded beyond all recognition and has affiliates all around the country. This has led to Kavanagh expanding his team of trainers and to this end Artem is being coached , for this fight, by none other than Owen Roddy who would be one of the real pioneers in Irish MMA.

Artem is delighted with the set up and revealed as much in an interview with MAC Life productions. He considers Roddy that rare beast a former fighter with natural coaching ability and a talent for breaking down complex movements and sequences simply. The other side of it is

‘ I’m also just glad i don’t have to be sparring with that motherfucker anymore’ – Artem on Owen Roddy

Artem’s professional record is a mixed bag as you can see below. However he was guilty of taking fights everywhere and anywhere earlier in his career. He is currently on a 2 fight win streak in the UFC and this is most definitely his shot. He is Ranked 37 versus Cub Swanson’s 5. If he loses – a top 10 fight could be a long time coming around again.

Artem Fight Record

Due to the fact he and Cub are headlining this event it puts near the top of pay scale for the event as a whole – this means he has been able to plan to head out to Nashville a whole two weeks before the event to acclimatize and also he is in a position to bring 2 sparring partners with one of whom is the highly in demand Peter Queally.

Artem has spent a lot of his career in the Peter Queally sparring position – for Conor Mcgregor. On Saturday April 22nd 2017 we’ll find out , as he emerges from the shadows, into the Octagon,   if he can handle ‘The Ring Fire’ as well as his illustrious friend.



The 6 Female Featherweights to Fucking explode the new division

I’ve had featherweights on my mind for most of the day. In particular female featherweights. No not in that way. O.K. maybe a little bit!

I was thinking that there are at least 5 female featherweights or more specifically 6 female MMA fighters who could fight as Feather weights in the newly formed division. Fighters that are great technical Martial Artists and of differing style’s. I think if Dana White and the UFC approached the formation of this division in the right way he could find a way of replacing the lose of Ronda Rousey and at the same time create a huge buzz. Firstly let’s name the 6 Featherweights that i have in my head.

Cris Cyborg

Germaine De Randamie

Julia Budd

Megan Anderson

Holly Holm

Cindy Dandois

Julia Budd2

Picture is of Julia Budd – Courtesy of Girls with Muscle

Obviously at the moment Cris Cyborg is head and shoulders above the rest – However i don’t think she is as far ahead as some commentators and perhaps Dana White believe. In the first instance i would get her active with a main event card against Germaine De Randamie. Although De Randamie isn’t a huge star even after her win against Holly Holm  I believe Cyborg possesses enough wattage to make this a  big Pay Per View event.

Next comes the risky bit. Build a UFC fight card around the other 4 fighter mentioned above. I honestly believe they have the talent, determination, media skills and yes …looks to make this a huge event. The thing about these girls they all have a different look and style and the 4 of them working together would sell this around the Globe. I’d lay the fights out as follows

Megan Anderson vs Julia Budd

Cindy Dandois vs Holly Holm

Now the controversial bit. The winner of Anderson vs Julia Budd fights Cyborg (assuming Cyborg takes care of De Randamie). The Winner of Dandois vs Holm fights DeRandamie.

Why does the winner of Megan Anderson and Julia Budd Get to fight Cyborg? Simple i rate them higher than Holm and Dandois. In fact i rate both of them higher than De Randamie but that’s an argument for another day!.

I think if Dana White prioritises these 6 fighters over the next 6 Months he can build himself a division worth fucking talking about – but i really believe the key is gathering the 6 together now and coming up with a plan that’s similiar to the above. As always I’d love to hear your feedback!