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Dana White created the Keaton Jones mess and he should fix it.

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I did not expect to be writing about a boy called Keaton Jones Today. I came to hear about Keaton via Dana White’s tweet about him along with the Video. I am sure many of you came to hear about him in the same way. Keaton Jones is  11 year’s old.  I have no doubt […]

Nate Diaz doesn’t deserve a Title Shot against Tyron Woodley

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” I certainly think if there is fight between Woodley and Diaz at UFC219, it should be at a catchweight and that NO TITLE should be on the line “ Nate Diaz vs Tyron Woodley has been all the buzz on social media the last week or so. Depending on which rumour you believe a […]

Why Dana White is a very happy camper After UFC217

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“The reason for Dana White’s relief was that a non Conor McGregor event delivered over 1m PPV buys” Dana White is quite often given to Hyperbole. However for once his words matched the occasion. ” This was the greatest event in the history of the UFC” Now he did go on to slightly couch his […]