Dana White Fucks up UFC Lightweight division #UFC223

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Just how the f*ck was Khabib Nurmagomedov allowed to fight for the UFC Lightweight belt against Al Iaquinta? It makes an absolutely mockery of the entire Lightweight division. It was bad enough that Max Holloway was allowed parachute in for a shot at the Lightweight title but once that fight was cancelled so too should […]

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Dana White created the Keaton Jones mess and he should fix it.

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I did not expect to be writing about a boy called Keaton Jones Today. I came to hear about Keaton via Dana White’s tweet about him along with the Video. I am sure many of you came to hear about him in the same way. Keaton Jones is  11 year’s old.  I have no doubt […]

Nate Diaz doesn’t deserve a Title Shot against Tyron Woodley

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” I certainly think if there is fight between Woodley and Diaz at UFC219, it should be at a catchweight and that NO TITLE should be on the line “ Nate Diaz vs Tyron Woodley has been all the buzz on social media the last week or so. Depending on which rumour you believe a […]