Deontay Wilder looking a little unhinged in the final 48 hours.

The Gypsy King

Watching the final press conference during the week, it struck me that Deontay Wilder looked a little unhinged. A stream of consciousness – wave of rubbish seemed to spill out of him for 7 or 8 minutes. It was frankly –  embarrassing. He had the appearance of a person trying to convince the world that he is a confident man. I have big doubts about that.

The Gypsy King – Fight Record

The Gypsy King

Tyson Fury did what Tyson Fury always does. He too goes off on mad tangents but somehow manages to check in with authenticity enough times to make me believe him.

Fury weighed in at 256 Lbs – a full three stone heavier than Wilder. That 256 caps a remarkable 144 lb weight loss from just over one year ago for Fury. Still 256 represents a fit weight for The Gypsy King and the weight advantage over Wilder is significant. The longer the fight goes on the more he can use it to his advantage against the lighter man. And Fury knows how to use it.

Many a defeated Fury opponent has commented on how they have underestimated how energy sapping it is to have Fury’s significant bulk pressurizing them and leaning on them. I am sure all the old Fury tricks in this regard will be on Full display Saturday night.

I expect a nervy Deoantay Wilder to come out swinging wildly looking for that early knock-out. Although Wilder has 10 more fights than Fury in his professional career, it is Fury the exudes the aura of the more experienced fighter. He certainly has dealt with the spotlight of fight week better. I think one annoyance Fury has about coverage of him id that he is seen as a light puncher for such a big man. I expect what ever game plan he comes up with involves him finishing Wilder within the distance.

If Deontay connects with one of these wild punches it is hard to see Tyson recover. However I expect Fury to dance around the ring and avoid this eventuality. As the rounds tick by so too do Wilder’s chances. I expect Fury’s bulk advantage to play a significant roll in the later rounds.

For me it’s a late round stoppage for the Gyspy King.

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