Dana White created the Keaton Jones mess and he should fix it.

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I did not expect to be writing about a boy called Keaton Jones Today. I came to hear about Keaton via Dana White’s tweet about him along with the Video. I am sure many of you came to hear about him in the same way.

Keaton Jones is  11 year’s old. 

I have no doubt Dana White was trying to do a very good thing. Or what he thought was a very good thing. The video of Keaton crying was and is heartbreaking. I believe Dana thought he was doing a selfless thing by reaching out. Obviously hindsight will tell him that he hasn’t helped and it wasn’t entirely selfless.

Announcing your good intentions to the world that your going to bring him up to LV or into a training camp or X,Y, Z isn’t selfless. Dana wasn’t the only guilty party here. Soon Donald Trump Jnr and half the UFC roster were publicly supporting him and offering all sorts of material things. His mother it seems set up a GoFundMe account. This account astonishingly soon had close on 60 grand in it.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook soon rallied behind the call to arms and Keaton Jones became an Internet and Worldwide name inside of 4 hours. He didn’t asked to be – By the way.

Keaton Jones is 11 years old.

Keaton Jones doesn’t need material things over and above any other kid. He just needs someone to sit down and talk with him, to listen to him. The alleged bullies need exactly the same thing. We are talking about 11 or 12 year old’s here. This isn’t a crusade of Good versus Evil. As much as people want to make it out to be.

Many have commented on how curious it is, that his mother’s first instinct, was to calmly video her son crying his eyes out rather than give him a hug or break down in tears herself.

I don’t know the reason for her reaction and either do you. Either does Twitter. Maybe the kid comes home everyday in tears from Bullying. I do not know.

What i do know is what I saw. A kid crying and struggling to understand why he was being bullied.

It looked and felt authentic. That is why so many people reacted to it so strongly.

Of course social media soon changed it’s mind about Keaton Jones and then so too did most of the media.

Were  the actions of his mother authentic?

Is Keaton Jones mother a racist?. Is his dad a jailed White Supremist? – I do not Know and it doesn’t really matter.

Most laughably of all we have the accusation that young Keaton is a racist and deserved what happened to him. I don’t know but all this misses the point in my view.

Keaton Jones is 11 years old.

I like Dana White. I don’t like a lot of things that come out of his goddamn mouth from time to time but he is a big part of why the UFC is what it is today.  I’m positive about him though – mostly.

Today,  However,  Dana White is the one who needs to take responsibility. He is the reason this Kid is splashed topsy turvy all over the Internet. He wanted to help and he still can. But do so Privately and attempt to do it selflessly. Make a difference quietly.

The UFC can be a powerful antidote to Bullying. A very large percentage of the kids who get into mixed martial arts do so because they are being bullied. They want to be able to protect themselves. They don’t want to be the victim or play the victim. They want to take control of their situation.

This is the reason the video resonated so viscerally in the MMA community. Many of them were Keaton Jones.

Keaton Jones is 11 years old.

It would be very convenient of Dana White to wash his hands of this story but he shouldn’t be allowed. Dana White opened the world to the story, now he must use what’s happened as an opportunity to deal with it properly.

Talk to Keaton Jones and Talk to the alleged Bullies. Talk to the school. Bring half the UFC roster with you if it helps. Just don’t talk publicly about it. Try to ACTUALLY help quietly. Forget Twitter. Forget his Mom and Dad. Forget UFC training camps and 60 grand bank accounts.

Stop taking the associated credit and now criticism for posting a tweet

Stop attempting to spoil a kid you don’t even know

Start remembering

Keaton Jones is an 11 year old boy.

Keaton Jones is an 11 year old boy who told his Mom he was being bullied and probably just wanted someone to listen to him and give him a hug. And he probably still does.

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