UFC Nashville – Women’s Match-ups in Pictures!

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UFC Nashville has two great WMMA fights on the Card. See our collage of Pics of the 4 Fighters!

Jessica Penne vs Danielle Taylor – Straw-Weight Contest

Alexis Davis vs Cindy Dandois – Bantam-Weight Contest

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Gunnar Nelson – A true Martial Artist


UFC London is almost upon us folks and the juices for this one are in full flow. The contest that has me enthralled is the co-main event Gunnar Nelson vs Alan Jouban at welterweight. For those of you that don’t know – the Icelandic martial artist Gunnar Nelson fights out of John Kavanagh’s SBG gym in Ireland. In fact it was Nelson rather than Mcgregor that first started making waves in the UFC around 2012. Nelson is a Brazilian jiujitsu specialist. His background in Jiu-jitsiu is as follows

Nelson began grappling in 2006, receiving his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) blue belt from Matt Thornton of Straight Blast Gym International. From the age of 17, he continued his tutelage under John Kavanagh primarily, one of Thornton’s students. Nelson first met Kavanagh during one of his BJJ seminars at Mjolnir,  and the SBG Ireland owner would remain his head coach until this day. By 2008, Nelson had already progressed far enough for Kavanagh to award him his brown belt,[13] but with Kavanagh not being a black belt for more than six years at the time, he was unable to award Nelson his own black belt under IBJJF rules. Nelson subsequently spent a period at Renzo Gracie Academy in New York to earn his black belt and advance his game further.

Shortly after his arrival, he had competed for their team in various competitions, winning a silver medal in the 2009 Mundials brown belt category.[3] He also won gold at the 2009 Pan American Championship (Gi),[4] along with gold and silver (open class) in the 2009 Pan American Championship (No-Gi).[5] At the 2009 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship, Nelson took 4th place in the absolute category where he defeated the much heavier and touted BJJ Black Belts Jeff Monson and David Avellan.[14] Gracie had already seen enough, and awarded him his black belt after less than a year with his academy.[15] In 2011, Nelson was again offered a place in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship and had a good run (though not bringing home any medals), defeating the then present and twofold European Champion and multiple Finnish champion Marko Helen and the Brazilian and American champion and former World Champion Bruno Frazzato. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Gunnar has had only two loses in the Octagon one a decision and the other a split decision. It is by such fine margins a career can come to be defined. UFC London is a defining night for Gunnar Nelson. A win and he marches on to a legitimate shot at the Welterweight title but a loss at this stage could force him to consider his future in the UFC. It is almost one year since his last UFC fight and you can bet your bottom dollar that time has not been wasted, especially under the tutelage of John Kavanagh. Gunnar’s Professional Fight record is  below.Gunnar Nelson Fight Record1

Alan Jouban will be a very difficult nut to crack make no mistake about that – the contrasting styles of both fighters make this a mouthwatering prospect indeed. Jouban will be very aware of the need to avoid being taken by the hips to the ground early on. Nelson will be aware that if this fight goes the distance he will need to have done a better job of convincing the judges that he has dominated his opponent. I have a feeling though that the time spent out of the Octagon since his last fight and win has been time well spent and that Kavanagh and Nelson are coming to this event with a few new tricks up their sleeve.









Megan Anderson. Fucking Sign her Dana. Like Today.

Invicta Mixed Martial Artist Megan Anderson is easy to fall in love with – Tall and beautiful, exceptional in physique and muscle definition. Gorgeous Tattoos all over the goddamn place.  Most importantly though she can fight.  Megan’s professional record is 8-2. She lost on her debut as a professional fighter so we can forgive her that. She also lost her debut fight in the Invicta promotion to none other than Cindy Dandois. Cindy has already graduated to the UFC and the newly formed Featherweight division.  There is no reason  I can see,  why Megan shouldn’t follow on the same path as Cindy and Cyborg.

What is blatantly obvious is that she is a quick learner. Megan has 4 consecutive TKO’s in Invicta since that loss to Cindy Dandois. All 4 wins have come within one calendar year from Jan 2016. So this Girl is ACTIVE. At 27 she is also coming into her prime. She has a mix of wins in her professional career – TKO’s , Submissions and decisions and as such is a good all round  mixed martial artist.

Her full fight record is below

Megan Anderson


She has shown admirable composure in dealing with UFC questions and the spotlight especially around media circus at UFC209. Also she has shown due respect to Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino  saying that the newly formed UFC Featherweight division is in a holding pattern until Cyborg books a fight. Megan is no hurry to force her own situation as she says

 “We’re all going to fight each other eventually”

At 27 she has plenty of time on her side.  It is understandable to a point that the UFC are looking at Cyborg as the person to build the division around but I cannot dismiss the circumstances in which she failed a drugs test and the subsequent retroactive therapeutic use exemption. Cyborg has called out Anderson in the past to have a Featherweight Re-unification bout but Anderson isn’t falling into that trap as of yet and I would imagine is concentrated on maximising her earnings potential and make no doubt about it that fight only makes financial sense if it takes place in the UFC.

With the creation of a new UFC division that should also create plenty of opportunity to bring in new fighters and most certainly the 6’0” Australian Knockout artist should be at the top of the queue


UFC208 – There’s only one King of PPV

conor-mcgregorIt’s funny. My original reaction on the night to the Holly Holm – DeRanamie fight was that DeRandamie just about shaded it. On second viewing and on mature reflection i think i must have been on drugs to have thought this. Holly was robbed pure and simple. The referee was diabolical. You can understand a shot landing after the bell if it’s the last of a combination, but in this instance it was a one shot punch thrown after the bell. It visibly wobbled Holly Holm and it was to that point the hardest landed punch of the fight.

Let’s be clear though – Holly didn’t help herself in this fight and certainly didn’t perform to the heights we have seen her produce in the past. It was a real mess of a fight all told.

How the Referee didn’t award a one point deduction after the second late punch after the bell of the 4th was incredible. Normally i would give the fighter the benefit of the doubt on the 1st offence but on this occasion the punch was so late, so blatantly non-accidental and cynical i thought he should have awarded the point deduction. Then to turn around and not award it after DeRandamie did it again in the very next round was just terrible, terrible, refereeing. Plain and simple.

So the inaugural Featherweight champ is already mired in controversy and i think the correct course of action would be to award a re-match. Although there is no way these two will co-head a main event PPV again. The fight was sloppy and people won’t pay hard earned cash to watch it on PPV.

Anderson Silva got back to winning on a decision and it was good to see. However as stated before he is shadow of his former self and he really should retire gracefully now. The media is giving a lot of air-time to his comments about a fight with Conor Mcgregor. I would read this as Silva looking for one last mega pay day. I also believe Conor would Merc him – quickly. It would be a shame to see a great champion like Andersen Silva beaten this way. In any event i don’t think Conor Mcgregor would be in any way motivated to fight him.

The curiosity in recent weeks has been the number of fighters looking to jostle for position to try and get him. They all know it’s the Golden Parachute. Conor as always is about 6 steps ahead of them and laughing all the way to the bank. I believe Conor’s next UFC fight will be against Khabib Nurmagemedov. I actually think that Conor will step into the Octagon alot sooner than people are expecting and that may well be before he fights Floyd Mayweather.

I think his play will be to get Floyd signed sealed and delivered on paper for an end of year superfight and possibly return to the Octagon before that fight. So win, lose or draw that fight – he’s onto the Floyd fight. You’ll take it from the above that i think Khabib will beat Tony Ferguson – which is true. A convincing defeat of Ferguson would truly set-up a mega Fight with Mcgregor and that is a fight that will draw blood and PPV records aplenty.

Joe Rogan- The Voice of the UFC


With the departure of Mike Goldberg from the UFC – many dedicated MMA fans are probably wondering what the future holds for Joe Rogan in the new UFC shake up. Losing Joe Rogan would be a major mis-step for the organisation, second only to losing Dana White – in this writers opinion.

In podcasting terms Joe’s poscast the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ is a force of nature. His Youtube channel has close to 1,000,000 subscribers which is an absolutely stunning achievement. His Podcasts cover a broad range of subjects and is not exclusively MMA and UFC related. Joe is erudite, well informedand refreshingly unguarded on a host of varying subjects and his cast of interviewee’s are drawn from a number of different worlds.

The supporting cast of contributors here can often include the wonderful Joey Diaz, Brendan Schwabb and Bryan Callen. All of the aforementioned have their own successful podcasts into the bargain.

I often feel when listening to Joe on subjects regarding the UFC , he has a great insight into the thinking of Dana White and the organisation in general.

On Fight Nights Joe is literally the Voice of the UFC and it’s hard to imagine anyone else interviewing Fighters in the Octagon as adeptly as he does – especially in those moments straight after a fight when the Adrenalin is still in overdrive.

As a fairly regular listener to his podcast it’s clear Joe is his own man and not a mouthpiece for the UFC like some similiar shows I won’t mention!…

The UFC would be making a massive mistake in replacing Joe for another reason. He has a massive Non-UFC audience from his standup career and this is an audience that could be transferrable to the UFC in fairly significant rates and probably has been in the past.

There is a growing almost insatiable appetite for MMA related content in the last 12 months and at the moment the Likes of Joe Rogan and Ariel Helwani are probably the brand leaders in this regard at the moment. But as they say in this part of the world…There ain’t no show like a Joe Show!!!

UFC 208 +209 Pay Per View Numbers



The next two pay per view offerings #UFC208 and #UFC209 will give us an interesting idea of the state of play for the new ownership of the UFC. A lot is riding on Holly Holm carrying the main event for UFC208 and while there are a number of excellent fighters on this card. There isn’t necessarily a lot of interesting fights on this card. Although we hope this is not the case.

UFC209 though will be the real bell-weather for the organisation though. If the card holds to fight night – the two main events are mouth-watering prospects. are re-match between Welterweight champ Tyron Woodley and Wonderboy Thompson and the lightweight interim decider between Khabib Nurmamogedov and Tony Ferguson. Whatever you views on the star quality of these 4 guys, you can’t argue about their MMA credentials and what they bring to fights.

I think this could be a break-out night for the undefeated Nurmamogedov. I think he has a so far under-appreciated fan-base around the world especially in Russia. I think behind the scenes as has been document in some media outlets the UFC are laser focused on unlocking the Russian and Chinese markets in the next 12-18 months.

I am going to stick my neck and predict that UFC209 will surprise MMA media around the globe and hit between 700-800,ooo pay per view buys. I’ll largely put this on an inkling that Nurmamogedov is going to finally start drawing a fan-base around him. It will be interesting to see what the PPV charge across different carriers will be for the fight across the globe for this event.

I am not as hopeful for the UFC208 fight card and i can see this fight night really struggling to break into significant 6 figure numbers – but we shall see on that one i suppose.

An interesting aside to all of this is final PPV for UFC205 in MSG. On the night Dana White was reported to have said that it was trending to break all previous PPV records. However the final number was 1.3 million which was at least 200,000 shy of the Mcgregor vs Diaz 2 Fight. It is a fact that has been glossed over in recent weeks. On such an iconic night, with such a stacked card – I’m surprised that this didn’t break through the 1.5 million mark.Placeholder Image




Conor Mcgregor, the UFC and Floyd



A lot has been made recently about the comments Conor Mcgregor made in an Interview with Ariel Helwani in Manchester on Jan 28th 2017. He was a attributed to have said basically that he could negotiate directly with the Floyd Mayweather camp amd bypass the UFC, citing the Ali act. Some Journalists allied this to his opening comments which were basically ‘Fuck the UFC’ and proceeded to put them to Dana White post the UFC show that was on in Denver the same night. Dana White basically responded to the ambush that it would be a very quick and steep fall if Conor tried to do this.

Here is my problem. Lazy Journalism. Sensationaling and editing a 70 minute wide ranging Interview into a soundbite question designed to extract a soundbite answer from Dana White. Dana being Dana he is normally too happy too oblige!.

However if you listen to the full interview Conor GOES OUT of his way to stress that the whole Event will run a lot smoother with the UFC involved in the promotion. He is Highly complimentary to both the Fertita brothers (the former Owners) and Dana White. He spends a large portion of the interview in glowing admiration of how they took a $2 million company and turned it into one sold for a little over $4 billion dollars. In fact he said he was flying to Las Vegas to tie up some business, which includes getting his Nevada Boxing Licence, dealing with the $150,000 fine from the Diaz 2 fight and also chasing down the Mayweather camp to get this fight over the line.

I read the situation as follows. Both he and Mayweather want the fight but Conor wants to take control of the negotiations to get it over the line. This does not mean he wants to jettison the UFC in my opinion. As he said himself ‘ I’m hunting Floyd now’ – expect developments one way or the other in the next couple of weeks.