Cage Warriors 100: Dean promising The Trueman Show on Dec 8th

Cage Warriors 100

Cage Warriors 100 is a landmark occasion for the storied Cage Warriors promotion. It’s biggest and most hyped event. At the heart of the event is the featherweight title fight and at the heart of that is Dean Trueman.

On October 20th of this year Dean Trueman fought Lewis Monarch at Cage Warriors 98. Both fighters were told that the winner was going to get a shot at the big time.

” When we signed the contract for the fight. They said the winner will fight for the belt on Cage Warriors 100. I was also aware of how close the fights would be”

Dean Trueman passed the CW 98 test with flying colors with a dominant points victory over Monarch. As for the issue of the proximity of the fights, Trueman doesn’t see it as a big deal.

” With the weight cut and the cardio already being there it’s not too bad”

Dean took a couple of days off after the fight, enjoyed some food and a few drinks with friends and family then kicked right back into fight camp for the upcoming Lee title decider.

” I had a few knocks from the fight and I was working on them for a little bit…but other than that i was straight back into it.”

Trueman is very happy with his weight cut preparation in both this fight and his last couple of fights. It is not an area that he struggles in and is very comfortable making the 145 limit.

” I seem to have the weight cut preparation down to a tee. It seems to be getting a bit easier as time goes by. The Monarch fight – that was a lovely cut and I am well on target this time ” 


Cage Warrior 100 Opponent Aiden Lee

Trueman is pretty confident he can overcome Lee’s strengths

” I’ve seen him. I’ve done a bit of research on him. I know where his strengths are and where his weaknesses are. To be honest I didn’t think I’d be fighting him I thought McBain would’ve be beaten him. He’s good technically but the places he’s good and i need to beat him in….I’m better “

This is the third fight in 2018 for Dean Trueman and is also the third fight in Trueman’s current Cage Warriors deal. He is happy with this situation as the previous year was a different story.

Having fought Frantz Slioa in April 2017 he was originally scheduled to fight Corrin Eaton in September of the same year. Corrin had to pull out due to injury, a replacement fighter was found for him, However then he himself got injured and had to withdraw from the show. Suddenly before you know it a year is gone by.

This just highlights the vagaries of professional combat sports – very little needs to go wrong for a fighter to find themselves out of action for a year.

Career Road Map

I asked Trueman about what he see’s as the road map ahead for him if he successfully beat’s Aiden Lee on December 8th.

” I take every fight as it comes. Whatever Cage Warriors offer me that is what I will do. Maybe other shows might come and approach me like the UFC. A lot of Cage Warriors champions sign for the UFC “

As a follow up to that I asked Dean if genuinely thinks he is UFC ready.

” I think everyone fighting in Cage Warriors is Legit. If i have beaten everyone in the division – we have seen that Cage warrior champions go on to the UFC and do well. If I am champion of Cage Warriors I am confident I can hang in the UFC “

Trueman uses a mix of gyms and coaches for each of the different disciplines. He started out 10 years ago as predominantly a wrestler and a ground guy. Subsequently he started to put a lot more into his stand up. He feels his stand up is now on a very good level and in particular mentions the work he has been doing with his Thai boxing coach the last couple of years.

” I am doing stuff in fights now that i wouldn’t have dreamt of doing a couple of years ago. Spinning, Kicking and stuff like that. I am more confident with the striking.  I have always had a good wrestling base because my first MMA coach (Lee Livingston ) used to drill us into wrestling.

10 years ago when i first started training that was the dominant side of the sport. Free style wrestling and wrestling for MMA “


Outside of MMA Trueman is self employed and pours concrete floors in new houses. He is lucky that the guy he works for is also a sponsor. They work a schedule that allows Dean to fight. So for instance he has taken off work completely in the run up to this Title fight. He will review the situation after the fight as if he wins it could indeed be a game changer for his professional career.

” It’s great to have that security if the fight doesn’t go my way – I’ve got a job to fall back on. A lot of fighters haven’t got that luxury “

That’s about the long and the short of it folks. The guy I interviewed sounds relaxed and confident about the challenge that lies ahead. He’s bringing over 150 friends, family and supporters down to Cardiff to cheer him on.

20 years on from the original Jim Carrey movie they are hoping to see the Cardiff version of The Trueman Show.

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