Jon Jones beats Doping Rap for a 2nd time – USADA look like Mugs

So Jon Jones is free to resume his career from October 28th 2018. What a fucking joke. USADA – the anti-doping agency have given him a 15 month retrospective ban which will end conveniently enough in 6 weeks time.

So the path is more or less clear for him to headline at Madison Square Garden in November.

I think Khabib Nurmagomedov’s reaction to the decision sums it up quite nicely.


Jones was basically found to have not intentionally cheated by an independent arbitrator. The 4 year ban was reduced by 30 months in total and the statement released by USADA indicated that Jones ‘Substantial Assistance’ was part of the reason for the reduced sentencing – whatever the fuck that means. Have a look at the snippet below and see if you can make any sense out of it.

Statement from USADA

Did he help identify others?

Did he help identify methodologies of how fighters are systematically beating testing procedures?

What about coaches, nutritionists and supplement suppliers?

If I’m a teammate, former teammate or coach of Jon Jones – I might be starting to get a little paranoid right about now. But maybe this is just all politics at play and the wording is muddied just enough to bring the Light Heavyweight champ back into the fold and get back to making the big bucks for himself and the UFC.

I wonder does Dana White actually want him back. Can you realistically rely on this guy to never fail a drug test again. What does this do to the credibility of the UFC and anti-doping?

If I am Daniel Cormier I would vacate the belt rather than fight that guy again. There is no upside for him in a re-match. He won’t ever beat him.

Although he must be itching to get a another crack at him – This might be the time to take the high ground.

I’m beginning to wonder is there any point in trying to implement anti-doping on this sport. Today’s decision is a kick in the teeth to all clean athletes out there – And i am quite certain there are plenty. Many of them are probably wondering what their next move should be. Is this another step backwards to the old wild west day’s of MMA? Where anything and everything goes?

This is not as far-fetched as it might seem. The average MMA fan seems to be pretty lukewarm on anti-doping and the support on social media for Jon Jones return outweighs the outcry.

This USADA and independent arbitrator decision will run for awhile i think as it raises a lot more questions than it initially answers.


See below some of the early reactions


Daniel Cormier








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