Check out Judge Dave Moretti’s scoring of the final round of GGG Vs Alvarez 2

I’ll Never understand how boxing is scored. All three judges gave the first round to Triple G. I had Alvarez winning the first 2 rounds handy.

However the biggest talking point of the match will be Dave Moretti’s and Steve Weisfeld’s scoring of the final round in Alvarez’s favor. If one of them had scored it 10-9 in Golovkin’s favor the way almost every ringside commentator had done the fight would have been a majority draw and a 3rd episode in this fascinating match up would have been guaranteed.


In fairness at least 9 rounds were hotly contested and could have gone either way. It was a case of Triple G’s high volume of jabs to Alvarez superior power punching for the first 8 rounds.

After that Gennady Golovkin came back strong in the last 4 rounds and I had him shading the contest overall by a point.

I have no complaints with the winner though he took the fight to GGG for most of the rounds and it was one of the best world title fights I’ve seen in recent memory.
The problem in the vast difference of opinion about the scoring on both fights is this. Do you place more stock in GGG’s High Volume jabs over Alvarez’s great success in power punching.

At Any Rate Bravo to Both fighters


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