Conor McGregor loves publicity however this time that publicity is going to cost him a real shit tonne of money. The fighters involved in yesterdays Bus incident are certain to sue him. The UFC are probably going to sue him and fine him for possible loss of revenue. Mcgregor will walk away from this incident eventually but he’ll probably be 5 million bucks lighter and many view that as a conservative estimate.

Dana White has clearly drawn a line in the sand and for the first time is publicly admonishing his golden goose. What the hell was McGregor doing in New York at the UFC press conference? With Holloway now out of the Khabib fight UFC 223 could be a dead duck. All eyes will turn to McGregor to pay for his part in destroying the Card.

At this stage all fans are tired of waiting for him to announce a fight and i’m beginning to think his star is falling rapidly and irretrievably to the ground. Of course the video footage does him no favors and similar to his folly at the Bellator event last year he is looking more and more like a thug. A thug with shitloads of cash granted.

He should be fighting on Saturday night not gatecrashing the press event for UFC223. The fact that he is not is down to him at this stage. If Max Max Holloway somehow manages to replicate what he himself has done, by capturing the same two titles that he himself has held – it will take some of the gloss off his achievements. Especially with Max coming in on a week’s notice.

There will be many conspiracy theorists who will say that this was all a ploy by McGregor to over shadow the event and make himself the story. However i am quite certain getting arrested and probably sued wasn’t part of his plan.

I genuinely think he doesn’t know what he wants to do with the rest of his life. MMA, Boxing, promoting or one of the thousands of other ideas he has rattling around in his head.

There has been very little talk coming out of John Kavanagh post Mayweather. I wonder what  he makes of this latest tawdry affair. Is that relationship still strong i wonder?

It is becoming tiring writing about him and the interest from the average MMA fan is wavering. Do any of us need to be watching TMZ videos of him or his entourage firing shit at a bus.

Whatever about the supposed altercation between Lobov and Nurmagomedov earlier in the week which led to this latest nastiness – bottom line Stay out of it. Lobov is a fucking UFC fighter he is well able to handle his own battles.



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