Joe Rogan has recently started broadcasting a weekly MMA show to go along with his Daily broadcasts on the Joe Rogan experience. Not before time I say.

MMA pod-casting is a burgeoning cottage industry with dozens and dozens of them in the United States alone. Nearly all of them are trying to follow the unrivaled success of the Joe Rogan Experience. This production is miles ahead of the posse but is only about 10% dedicated to MMA.

Joe Rogan has probably had a look around at the success of Brendan Schwabb, Chael Sonnen not mention Ariel Helwani and thought

” Hmmm MMA is my natural turf i need to dedicate a production vehicle towards it”

We are now into the 5th installment of the JRE MMA show and as ever his natural enthusiasm and love for the sport shine through. Show 5 had The UFC Heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic. What an unexpected treat.

I must confess that i knew very little about Miocic outside of his fights. No wonder – he candidly admitted that it was his first time doing an in-studio podcast. He is just a regular guy. And by regular I mean very regular. He still works as a Firefighter splitting his time between two Fire stations in Ohio and of course a Hall of Fame MMA career.

I couldn’t fucking believe this. How can a UFC Heavyweight champ also be holding down a regular job?.

Stipe calmly explained that it is not a problem. He works 12 hour shifts and quite easily fits in training around his work and when there is a lull on the job he can sometimes get in some training at the fire station. Can you imagine Conor Mcgregor checking in with his local fire brigade?

I thought Joe could have explored this side of Miocic’s life in more depth. Because it fascinates me to hear, in this day and age, such a grounded guy exists!.

Miocic is an anti-dote to the celebrity culture currently gripping MMA. He likes to have a beer and hang out with his wife. Eat Pizza. Work Out. Talk shit with the guys that he works with and get on with his life. Doing ordinary everyday things. A lot of MMA stars say this to sound humble with Miocic it is abundantly obvious that it is true.

I can also understand now why Miocic is not a big Pay Per View draw. He is not an attention seeker. Joe at times has to drag his achievements out of him during the Interview. He frankly admitted that he doesn’t talk shit about opponents or hype up fights like this because he doesn’t know the opponents personally. It wouldn’t be natural.

Joe was trying to , kind of,   steer him down the road of saying ” It must piss you off that trash talkers in the UFC are getting attention and making big money, more money than you” (I’m paraphrasing here)

Miocic looked like he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. I’m sure he makes decent money being the Champ, especially in the last couple of years but Stipe Miocic just comes off as being a man happy with his life and where he’s at. You can tell living anything other than a regular life hasn’t even occurred to him!

Miocic is of Croatian extraction on his Dad’s side of the family and there is definitely something of that can do attitude of the immigrant spirit about him. He just gets on with it.

It’s Clear too that Joe Rogan has fallen in love with Francis N’Gannou since his spectacular knock out of Alaistair Overeem. He speaks in hushed tones about his knockout power. I loved Miocic’s response. He basically said any guy at 240 lbs and upwards in the heavyweight division that connects is going to hurt you bad – Not just N’Gannou.

Miocic responded to all questions like a champ. No fear and quietly confident of beating the lucky charms out of N’Gannou.  Not once while he was talking about N’Gannou did he say a negative thing about his opponent. Nor did he over praise his talents. His demeanor suggested that he see’s plenty of ways of how he can beat him.

Thanks mainly to the N’Gannou Hype train, Stipe Miocic is probably going to get the Pay Per View windfall that his talents deserve at UFC220. I mean have a quick look at his UFC Record. It is pretty stellar. Some big trees felled. This day is long overdue.


The general attitude in the MMA world seems to be that the UFC need the 5 star quality of Francis N’Gannou to catapult the division into Stardom and a PPV gravy Train. I mean the challenger has already opened with the Bookies as Favorite at about -150. Nothing can stop him right?

Well there is something in the quiet, happy chuckle of Stipe Miocic that tells me otherwise. I can see him beating N’Gannou , sipping a beer and wandering off back to his Fire Station with the easy smile of the truly contented.

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