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It’s that time of year again when we start looking back at the year that was. 2017 has been a topsy turvy year for the UFC although it seems to be ending much better than it started. 

Although there is one major card left I’m gonna go ahead and throw out some awards to the cast that is the UFC.

Fighter of the year

It’s a pretty simple one for me. Demetrious Johnson. Still does not get the credit he deserves and still the best pound for pounder in the organisation. A fight with TJ Dillashaw in 2018 awaits…..hopefully

Breakout Fighter of the Year:

Darren Till. Clinically ferocious against Cowboy Cerrone in Poland. The United States audience have finally started to wake up to him.

Expect this Liverpudlian to fight early in 2018 and often. Exciting prospects in store for him.

Fight of the year:

Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gaethje. Fight had everything you’d want to see. Savagery, bravery and a finish.

Screw up of the year:

Hands down Jon Jones. Honorable mention also for Anderson Silva. 

Drugs in MMA are on the way out. Still a few stragglers who are slow on the uptake though.

There is much debate about the subject of drugs and whether or not they should or could have a place. Big corporate money will decide and it will be a big No. USADA is here to stay.

Big Mac and fries of the year:


Both have struggled and missed weight this year. If your 5ft 9” and struggling to make 170 you have a limited future in the UFC.

Khabib royally fucked up by misjudging his weight cut for the Tony Ferguson fight. We’ll see how he gets on at UFC219 on Decemeber 30th.

Mystery of the year:

Megan Anderson. Why was her fight with Cyborg cancelled again?

Disappointment of the year: 

The women’s featherweight division. It’s still a bit of a mess with zero depth.

Holly Holm versus Cris Cyborg will hopefully give it the kick start it needs.

No show of the year: 

Conor McGregor with Honorable mention to Nate Diaz.
Neither man has competed this year. It’s not good enough. If Conor hasn’t fought by the end of February. Strip him of the title.

Nate hasn’t fought for even longer but at least he isn’t holding up the whole division.

Champion of the year:

Max Holloway. I’m becoming a big fan of Max and he is now a comfortable champion. Two defeats of Jose Aldo have rubber stamped him as legit and have given him more self belief

Have a feeling he could be champ for all of 2018.

Title fight of the year:

There are a number of contenders but I give it to Rose Namajunas and Joanna. Rose lived up to her nickname and destroyed JJ. Impressively dealt with the pressure in the Build up as well. A rematch awaits methinks.

Comeback Kid:

Undoubtedly with return of GSP wins hands down. He handily disposed of middleweight champ Michael Bisping in New York.

Quite how you can return after a 4 year lay off and immediately fight for the title I don’t know. Anyway let’s hope he defends it against Whitakker early next year.

Riding into the sunset:

Michael Bisping. Mike took that quick follow up fight against Gastelum for money. He paid a heavy price for the pay day. I love Bisping but I hope he calls it a day now.

Honorable mention to Jose Aldo. Although Aldo is only 31 he has run out of moves. He is unlikely to get another shot at the featherweight title for a long time. 

A move to lightweight offers nothing but a whole heap of pain. The division is stacked with beasts. Bigger beasts.

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