” I certainly think if there is fight between Woodley and Diaz at UFC219, it should be at a catchweight and that NO TITLE should be on the line “

Nate Diaz vs Tyron Woodley has been all the buzz on social media the last week or so. Depending on which rumour you believe a fight is close to being agreed or that Nate is asking for Too much money.

What you basically have at the moment is the unseemly sight of Tyron Woodley more or less begging Nate Diaz to fight him.

Woodley, lest we forget, is the actual UFC Welterweight champ. This whole situation is bizarre. The basic problem of course is that Woodley , on his own , despite a number of title defence’s can’t seem to generate gate or PPV revenue. In other words he is trying to get paid and the UFC are trying to get paid – by calling out Diaz.

If this goes ahead it risks making a farce of the whole welterweight division. In case it has escaped anyone’s attention this division is starting to bubble up very nicely. As can be seen from the rankings at the end of this Article. There are a wave of promising and deserving challengers emerging in 2017.

I don’t have any issue with Nate Diaz for playing hardball with the UFC and if he can get a title shot for himself good luck to him. But the UFC are only contemplating this because they have such a weak card for UFC219 – the season finale if you like. Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg are not going to sell 1 million pay per views like Rousey did on this same date in 2016.

Nate Diaz let us remember hasn’t fought since August 2016. A fight he lost by close decision to Conor Mcgregor. Conor Mcgregor is nobody’s idea of a natural welterweight. The idea that Nate Diaz could go from losing to a Lightweight in his last fight to suddenly getting a shot at the welterweight title is ridiculous. Darren Till deserves a shot more than Diaz does if that is the case!

Maybe all the hype of social media is just a mirage and that no fight is planned. I certainly think if there is fight between Woodley and Diaz it should be at a catchweight and that NO TITLE should be on the line. It sends out the wrong message to both the Fighters and Fans.

But let me be clear i would love to see this fight but not if it means Diaz could walk away being Welterweight champion. His recent record doesn’t warrant it. I know he brings Star quality to a card. I know he has fought for shitty money plenty of times earlier in his career but that should only count for so much.

It is clear that the UFC are in the entertainment business and that people that put bums on seats sometimes get preferential treatment.. I don’t have a problem with that per se, but it should only account for 20% of the reason to put on a fight. In this case it is 80% of the reason to put on the fight.

This is Nate Diaz’s full record in the UFC. There is no doubt it is long and distinguished but his recent record despite the massive Conor McGregor win is patchy. It certainly doesn’t warrant at shot at the welterweight title.


Diaz Record and Welterweight rankings



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