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Rumors abound that UFC217 at Madison Square Garden hasn’t been selling along expected lines. This is hard to understand given that this is the current main event line up

GSP vs Micheal Bisping

Cody GarBrandt vs T.J. Dillashaw

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Rose Namajunas


Each one of these is arguably a PPV headline act on it’s own. However last year’s event in MSG is just an impossible act to follow. Conor Mcgregor vs Eddie Alvarez did 17.7 million at the gate. As big a star as GSP was he wasn’t at those heady heights at his peak and now 4 years later there are a lot of question marks over whether he can still bring it – especially at middleweight against the much bigger Bisping.

MSG is 20,000 seater arena which is 5-7,000 more than most UFC gigs in Las Vegas are set up for. Plus it’s New York city. You are competing with a helluva lot of other attractions in the Big Apple to get native’s and tourists alike to part with their cash.

However the UFC have not over-priced it. The lower tier tickets are just about 200 bucks a pop which is 4 times less than the same tickets were averaging for Mcgregor Alvarez. My feeling is that this one will sell out but probably not until the day of the event. I also expect the PPV on this Card to push out over the one million mark for the first time this year.

I feel UFC fan’s have been waiting all year for a great card. several times this year great cards have gotten killed on the week of the fight so there is some pent up energy there from fight fans. If the top 3 fights make it to Saturday then i think the UFC will have a very good night at the box – office.


3 thoughts on “UFC 217 at MSG – Why hasn’t it been selling?”

  1. might be the UFC as top promotion is no more.Dana is hurting the company with the way he treats fighters. Fighters are underpaid and they have chumps who do not defend their belts…

  2. Dana complaining and cutting up GSP for almost a year saying “he doesn’t want to fight” and ” GSP is never coming back didn’t help . This was heard by a lot of new MMA fans who really don’t know who GSP was. Even since Georges resigned Dana was cutting him up. Now fans don’t know what to think.

    Since Bisping didn’t take his first title defence against any of the top contenders and ended up fighting Hendo for a rematch fans were not happy, then The Count had time off to have surgery, still not fighting a Top contender in the MW division. Many believe he is “ducking ” again now fighting a WW, no matter who or how great that WW is

    GSP has been out for four years ,the UFC landscape has changed. There’s many new fans who don’t know who he is ,hear he’s just a boring fighter …not ever realizing how good or how tough his competition was. After such a long break fans old and new don’t know what to expect, will this be a NEW GSP or a shell of himself just coming back for a big payday? Then as stated ,there’s been a lot of cards where the main event has cancelled or changed. People are not prepared to spend the cash these days well in advance with a fight that could be cancelled, especially when one fighter has been out for so long

    Looked as the seat’s available, there isn’t a pile left , maybe 1 to 2k. The show will probably sell out now it’s close to happening ,everyone looks well and there is three title fights and one hell of a solid card.

    Hope this event does do well over one mil in PPVs or even much more. Not only wouldn’t it be good for the UFC, it would be great for the fans and show MacGregor and the UFC they have more than one star they can focus on. With so many buys, it could also make huge stars out of the other two title fight winners if they put on a great show.

    There’s a lot to like with this card. Truly hope fans take advantage , watch it and show the UFC they can do well with a strong card even without Mac headlining . Even perhaps start to promote more fighters .

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