Alex Lohore sounded relaxed and ready when i spoke to him about his upcoming welterweight title defence against Ireland’s Richard Kiely on November 10th at BAMMA 32.

When I asked how this fight camp was going he gave me a very interesting reply.

” I don’t know what fight camp means. I’m always training and I’m always ready. I don’t do fight camps”

Alex is a French native but moved to England in his youth and is now based in Croydon, South London. He recalls these as tough years as he spoke very little English on arrival. However he dedicated himself to his adopted country and applied himself vigorously to learning the language. This was evident in our chat as his words flowed naturally and fluently throughout

Alex came to my attention after I posted what I thought was an innocuous enough Facebook post a couple of weeks ago. Alex , Richard Kiely and the Lonsdale champ Terry Brazier all weighed in and something of a spat ensued.

On Kiely he says

“I suppose it’s a good match up because it’s in Ireland and he is an Irish fighter but he is going to be exposed and schooled on the night. He is not on my level and everyone understands that”

In passing i mentioned that Terry Brazier posted that he thought Alex would win easily. This brought something approaching rebuke from Lahore

” Terry was offered the fight. The contract was sent to him. He didn’t sign. He gave some excuse that he wasn’t training. If your not ready then get off the Internet and shut up talking”

Alex feels Brazier needs to back up the talk and is still interested in fighting him in December or January so he can add the Lonsdale title to his collection. It is clear by his demeanor he doesn’t think Kiely is going to tax him too much


Lohore fights out of the New Wave academy and his motto at the moment is Train-Fight-Train. He has just penned a 3 fight contract with BAMMA and is eager to get going. His goals are pretty simple

“I want to set records and defend the belt as many times as possible”

He admits that when he turned pro first he found it difficult to get signed with both BAMMA and Cage warriors reluctant at first. But he started fighting on every other type of show he could find both inside and outside of London. And his name started to get circulated in the right circles.

When BAMMA came around to offer him a contract he also received one from Cage Warriors.

” I went back to Cage Warriors and asked them would the match or improve the BAMMA offer. I think they thought I was lying but they never got back to me”

Well Cage Warriors loss was BAMMA’s gain as Lohore now sits atop the welterweight division. It is clear he is happy with BAMMA and his current training set up.

“I think BAMMA is now one of if not the biggest and Best Shows in Europe. At this tier of MMA it’s a tough life I live a private life and keep costs to a minimum. The fight money and some private classes are all i need”

We spent a good while shooting the breeze on why MMA is illegal in France and he wants to use his profile as BAMMA champ to work to lift this ban. As he see’s it the French Judo Association are the stumbling block. They have huge clout and they see the rise of MMA in France as a threat to their own numbers. Judo currently would be the number 1 martial art in France. You can join and training in MMA in France you just can’t organise fights. Outside of his career and family it is clear that this is a subject he is very passionate about.

On a final note he wants to thank all his fans for the support he has been given he is looking forward to performing in front of the Irish fans.

” They are going to see me performing MMA at it’s Highest Level



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