Final Prediction: McGregor Magic Show to Win in 6


The time for talk has finally, mercifully started to draw to a close. All the millions of videos, interviews, opinion pieces, images and words have brought us now to this crowded place. In the maelstrom of coverage ( has any sporting event in history generated more digital content?) we are now at that place of ACTION.

For 36 minutes Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have the worlds attention. In the final analysis the final question is a simple one. What will they do with it?

I have been as guilty as anyone of getting lured down the rabbit-hole of this event. Countless hours reviewing press conferences, training camps and listening to the opinions of professional boxers, MMA fighters and journalists from both sides of the aisle. Am i much wiser? probably not.

The most cogent analysis I’ve heard in the past 2 months came from a surprising source. Chris Eubank former middleweight champ give an analysis on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani this week that was both Prosaic and poetic. Littered with a life time’s experience in the ring and coaching boxers. I suggest you find it and Savour it. He makes the argument for both boxers and describes both as warriors.

Floyd Mayweather first came on my Radar during the build up to his Fight with Ricky Hatton a decade ago. It was promoted via one of the first of the highly successful 24 / 7 All Access series of programmes, which gave us a great insight into the training camps of both fighters.

I admit i got sucked into wanting Ricky Hatton to win that fight and i had myself convinced that he would. As we all know now he got his ass handed to him on a plate by the Money man. All lot of people have brought up that fight this week and pointed out similiarites between McGregor and Hatton. For my money there are not many besides the huge devotion of their respective followers.

So in the Final Analysis where am i at?. Well as i look out the window a rainbow has just appeared. McGregor to find his pot of gold in 6.

Enjoy the Fight!


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