Who the Fuck is running Mayweather’s twitter account?

One of the most fascinating features of the Hoopla revolving around the Mayweather/ Mcgregor showdown has been the social media wars. Well actually that’s a mistake because Floyd Mayweather hasn’t got a clue when it comes to social media. Floyd has 1.5 million twitter followers MORE than Conor McGregor but here is an example of a recent post by Mayweather.


Look closely at the number of Retweets and likes this post has gotten. to put this in context on the same date I had a tweet that got 51 Retweets – with a following of 4,200. Floyd has 7.5 MILLION. Now lets see How the Gorilla of social media got on the same day. Conor Mcgregor post.


50,000 retweets and 143,000 likes!!!!!!!!

The average person might rightly say ‘who gives a fuck’ but the reality is there is big money in social media. Advertisers don’t look just at how many followers you have – they look to see how engaged your audience is with you. And there is massive value in that. Putting out the correct message to the target audience is hugely important

Floyd spends a lot of time promoting his strip club on twitter…if he ran his twitter account correctly it would make more than the 50 strippers on his payroll.

P.S. Sorry couldn’t resist using that last line!!!

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