Conor McGregor – Cultural Icon to the ‘140 Character’ Generation

Conor Mcgregor Cultural Icon for the 140 character generation…


I genuinely think 40 year old Floyd Mayweather didn’t get it. But Boy does he fucking get it now. It doesn’t matter how big his entourage of yes men is – There is only one  ‘A’ side and he’s not the guy in the iffy tracksuits.

Toronto, Canada was added to the world promotional tour at Dana White’s insistence and what a fucking superb stroke that was. Conor McGregor absolutely schooled Floyd Jnr last night in front of what has to be one of the wildest crowds i have ever seen at any event anywhere. There is no other way to put it. Conor McGregor blew in to the Province of Ontario like a hurricane from the Day After Tomorrow.

He used the mishap with the microphones from the day before in L.A. as his starting point and he just kept on rolling. If Conor McGregor adapts to Boxing like he’s adapted to boxing press conferences this fight could well meet his prediction of being over within 4 rounds.

Floyd Mayweather looked old and foolish tonight. A sad thing to see from such a long-standing champ. From the trashy tracksuits, to the routine with his school bag -everything was off tonight. It became clear early he was going to use the same routine from the night before. Conor killed any notions he had about that and the crowd most certainly killed it too. The Toronto fans were hungry for flesh and Mayweather was on the menu.


Conor McGregor is a cultural icon for the new Millenium. Whether you like that fact or not – it is becoming abundantly evident on this World Press Tour about just how big he is. Fan’s don’t just like him. They adore him.

The brashness , the confidence, the expletive infused language, the obvious intelligence, the lightening fast retorts. He is the male messiah of the 140 character generation.

After tonight i do not expect Floyd to stand toe to toe with him on the podium again. He’ll wait for the ring and pray all this shit-talk is just that shit-talk. But here is the problem with that – Conor McGregor to date in his career has nearly always backed up his claims. That is why he is loved.  And that is why the fans love him. He has the balls to talk about the impossible, put it out there and go chase it down. Deep down each and everyone of us admire that in him because we lack or have lacked the courage to do it in our own lives to a greater or lesser degree – at some point.

Still Conor McGregor Can’t beat Floyd Mayweather. Hmmmm……are you as sure about that Today as you were Yesterday?

If Floyd is asking is Mcgregor prepared to weather a storm. Conor McGregor is responding  ‘ I am the Storm motherfucker’

The show continues….


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