Fabian Edwards – I’m Gonna Knock him out early and go out and meet some Irish Girls!

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It’s often instructive when interviewing a fighter to start with their ring name. Often times it’s gimmicky and bears no resemblence to the man or their ring craft but in the case of Middleweight Fabian ‘The Assassin’ Edwards it bears up to the scrutiny thus far in his career.

‘ I take people out clean and quick like an Assassin. Simple’ he explains

‘ One of the things i’ve been happy about in my career both as an amateur and professional is that my finishes have never been dirty or awkward. Always Quick. Alway Clean.’

Irish Featherweight Andy Murphy had pointed out to me that there is a lot of hype surrounding this kid. I mean he’s very high up the main event card in only his 2nd gig as a professional. Some of this has to do with his meteoric rise through the amateur and paid ranks no doubt but…

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