It’s often instructive when interviewing a fighter to start with their ring name. Often times it’s gimmicky and bears no resemblence to the man or their ring craft but in the case of Middleweight Fabian ‘The Assassin’ Edwards it bears up to the scrutiny thus far in his career.

‘ I take people out clean and quick like an Assassin. Simple’ he explains

‘ One of the things i’ve been happy about in my career both as an amateur and professional is that my finishes have never been dirty or awkward. Always Quick. Alway Clean.’

Irish Featherweight Andy Murphy had pointed out to me that there is a lot of hype surrounding this kid. I mean he’s very high up the main event card in only his 2nd gig as a professional. Some of this has to do with his meteoric rise through the amateur and paid ranks no doubt but also I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that his brother is rising UFC welterweight Leon Edwards.

Fabian is starting to make his own waves in fairness and has a near perfect amateur MMA record. 10 fights 9 Finishes. He is a little over 2 years in the sport from that first day walking into the Ultimate Training centre in Birmingham. In line with his ring name and avatar everything so far has been quick and clean.

Fabiian 1

Speaking to Fabian it’s clear he is a fighter in a hurry. That Bellator debut was a little over 5 weeks ago and he plans to fight again quickly after Friday’s night bout.

‘ I have already asked them (BAMMA) for the fucking September Card!. They want me to maybe rest up until November but I don’t see the point in resting if your fit and healthy. 1 Week off and then 8 weeks training camp. Then Fight’

And what of Friday nights opponent Aaron Kennedy? Does he foresee any problems there?

‘To be honest i can’t see it going past the 1st round. He doesn’t show anything i haven’t seen before. He’s average in all areas. He wouldn’t be on my radar at all and i don’t think much of him’

I was asking Fabian if it’s his first time to Dublin

‘ Yeah it’s my first time to Dublin, it’s my first time outside of the U.K. to be honest’

When I was talking to him,  he and his team had just checked into the Green Isle Hotel in Dublin and admitted he was looking forward to hopefully having a look around the city centre today before possibly taking a look at the venue – the 3 Arena.

Fabian admits it will be his 1st time fighting in front of such a huge crowd but says

‘ It doesn’t bother me at all – it will help me focus more. I don’t know if Kennedy will be able to make it out of the dressing rooms though!’

Fabian doesn’t have time for much else in his life at the moment other than training 3 times a day and getting in the ring to Fight.


‘ Training and fighting is all I’m focused on. I train 3 times a day. I’m a qualified carpenter but I don’t know the last time I picked up something’

Edwards has been dedicated full-time to his career since his 6th amateur fight and is grateful to the support he has received from his sponsors and also his management All Mighty Fight Management.

It’s hard not to like this kid i have to admit. He is very upbeat, quotable and talks a mile a minute. You can tell he is a guy in a hurry to get to the places his brother has already reached. To that end his brother Leon will be his corner man on Friday night along with his Long time friend Keith

‘ Leon brings his experience and it’s great to have him in the corner. If he see’s me doing some thing wrong he’ll be quick to say ‘ What the fuck you doing’. He will be more on my case because he has that bit more passion for me because we’re family’

Finally I cheekily asked had he any female distractions in his life or if he might sample some of Dublin’s famous nightlife and hospitality.

‘ Yeah man. I’m hoping to see a little bit afterwards. I’m gonna knock this guy out early and go out and meet some Irish Girls!











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