Conor McGregor takes dead aim at Planet Boxing. Expect no Survivors.


All the while Conor McGregor is strapped to a Meteorite headed for Jurassic Park…..

When I first heard that Floyd Mayweather had agreed to take this fight i have to admit – I was shocked. Shocked the here-to-fore best business man in the history of boxing got duped into taking this fight. Imagine going from 49- 0 and immortality to 49 -1 and being the biggest joke on the planet.

Make no mistake about it folks if Conor McGregor smokes him that is exactly what he’ll be. Boxing will finally be revealed for what it has become these last 20 years a game of smoke and mirrors.

Forget all the shit about Floyd being the best defensive boxer in the history of the sport or that Conor McGregor’s boxing record reads 0-0-0. None of that matters. There is only one salient fact and it is this. If these two guys met down a darkened alley and had a fight Conor Mcgregor would kill him. Stone. Dead.

Conor McGregor will do nothing but remind him of this for the next 8 weeks. At every press conference, Interview  and Youtube clip – Floyd will see a guy who is not afraid of him, a guy who is mocking him and his sport for having to abide by ‘a set of rules’ or as he has put it himself

‘ A set of rules designed to keep Floyd alive’

When you look a man in the eyes and know that he has the physical attributes and mental agility to kill you in any number of way’s – it will have a strange effect on you and it will be the first time Floyd has ever faced an opponent who has this over him. Conor doesn’t move like a boxer, any kind of boxer, and his movement is the key to him winning this fight. Floyd is smart, adaptable and will figure out Mcgregor’s rhythm after 4 or 5 rounds. But unfortunately at that stage it will be too late the fight will be over. Aldo style.

The most thing that reeks about this fight is nothing the two fighters or their promoters have been saying but the garbage that is coming out of Pro boxers and boxing Journalists mouths. They seem to be under the illusion that boxing is a superior form of combat to Mixed Martial Arts. They are dead fucking wrong on this one. If you were to take the top 20 MMA fighters and top 20 boxers and look at them as pure athletes MMA wins hands fucking down. No question.

Boxing purists will argue that this matters not a jot. Queensbury Rules and all that jazz.

Listening to Boxing journalists talk about this fight is like watching a bunch of soon to be extinct dinosaurs watching an approaching meteorite – thinking it’s a second Sun coming to warm their leathery Asses.

Professional level boxing has been in terminal decline for over 20 years. Granted Floyd Mayweather has been top of that pile for a long, long time, but make no mistake about it…it’s a pile of shit. And the real beauty of all this is that they will be forced to recognise that by not calling out boxing and boxers for last 20 years Journalists too have contributed to it’s sad demise.

Look at the Heavyweight Division. Anthony Joshua a perfect record 19 wins 19 K.O’s. He is being talked about like he is some sort of god after beating Old man Klitchsko – who even in his prime was an average fighter. You might imagine that there is a world full of Heavyweights awaiting to give Joshua a run for his money………..ehhhhh ….well….not exactly ……..Top of the pile? ….Tyson Fury …who last time i looked on Youtube admitted he wants to fight AJ but first has to lose …wait for it…105 pounds. So currently the second best heavyweight in the world is about 100 pounds overweight. I could go through the different divisions but won’t bore you with the collection of spoofers, chancers and downright criminals that are involved in the sport.

All the while Conor McGregor is strapped to a Meteorite headed for Jurassic Park



  1. “”””The most thing that reeks about this fight””””” is nothing the two fighters or their promoters have been saying but the garbage that is coming out of Pro boxers and boxing Journalists mouths……..shouldnt that be “the thing that reeks most about this fight” ?????


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