Wow! – Buffalo knows how to throw a fucking weekend of events that’s for sure!. Fight week was meandering along at a nice gentle pace until the weigh-in’s on Friday and then all hell broke loose.

After just coming in under her weight it emerged that Pearl Gonzalez has had breast enhancement surgery. This kicked off a wave of social media hysteria (including myself!) about whether she was eligible to fight due to a boxing rule that goes as follows:

“Due to the concern over rupture, boxers who have breast implants are not eligible to box in New York.

“Women who have had breast reduction surgery are, however, eligible to compete.”

Finally Dana White weigh-in on the storm and basically said

‘ Pipe down you stupid motherfuckers MMA has a different set of rules’

It does raise a valid point though especially for MMA and I’m sure that this rule is going to be examined and critiqued closely into the future

In the midst of all this Daniel Cormier decided to weigh-in – Literally.  So up he hop’s on the weighing scales and comes in at the rather fabulous 206.2 lbs. And i have to say he looked every ounce of it.


No Problem though. 2 minutes later he hopped up again with his favorite towel covering his modesty (and his feet) and hey Presto he was exactly the 205.00.

In arrives Rumble and he hops on the scales at the magic number of 203.8. I’ll leave it to the mathematicians and conspiracy theorists among you to come to your own conclusions. Despite all the weigh-in histrionics Cormier was seriously impressive dispatching Rumble Johnson and indeed Johnson announced his retirement immediately after the fight

In an unsubstantiated rumor Khabib Nurmagomedov has insisted the same scales and towels be used for all his future fights and during weigh ins, he will in future, be chomping down on a bucket of chicken once he finds a suitable fried chicken sponsor

Chris Weidman can consider himself decidedly unlucky the way the fight ended but two things to note here.

  1. It was a legal knee to the midriff
  2. he was in serious trouble and the fight was maybe 30 seconds from the end


Nonetheless the referee made an absolute hatchet job of the whole situation and as Dana White put it,  he felt it was like being back in 2001 when the UFC was still in it’s infancy. I supposed for the New York Commission it is still new territory,  as we are still under a year out from the ban being lifted in that state.

Dana announced a record gate and attendance for the venue with the Gate coming in at over $2 million US and an attendance of over 17,000. Considering some of the underwhelming previous nights in 2017,  UFC Buffalo will go down as a considerable success.





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