Have you ever wondered where the UFC , Bellator and BAMMA source the beautiful women who work the ring ? Is it a full-time gig ? At what stage of an event do they get called in ?

These are the things that keep me up at night folks so i thought i’d go investigate and was lucky enough to find Judy Fitzgerald BAMMA 26 Ring girl who I am sure will also fill our screens and the 3 Arena during the July 7 BAMMA 30 event.


A Short Bio of Judy’s modelling career is called for at this point. Her career was kick started when she won the Miss Bikini Ireland contest in 2014. This brought her to prominence in newspapers, magazines, brand photo calls and modelling work has flowed ever since. She is currently signed with Assets modelling agency.

This would keep a mere mortal busy enough but Judy is also a qualified nurse and still works in this area part-time. To our overseas friends to get into a degree nursing course in Ireland requires a high level of academic achievement due to the demand outstripping the supply. So with this Limerick lady it is a case of brains meeting beauty.

At the moment Judy is commuting between her home in Limerick on the west coast and her modelling work in Dublin on the east coast but she is hoping shortly to move permanently to Dublin.

She tells a fascinating tale of what goes on behind the scene’s at a big event like BAMMA 26 and it certainly involves more than parading around the ring at the interval between rounds

First up she is on call for all events in the lead up to the actual fight itself. In this case that could involve the Fight Announcement, Weigh-ins or pre-fight press conferences.

BAMMA being one of the bigger MMA promotions in the world have huge social media output in the run up to fight’s and the Ring girls would also be involved in promoting the event through their own social media channels when there might be Interviews released or social media content released promoting the event.


From talking to Judy she loves this type of event work and has recently hosted at Conor Mcgregor Events thrown by BAMMA before his Title fight against Eddie Alvarez in the Red Cow and Green Isle Hotels. She loves the buzz around MMA and is a huge Conor Mcgregor fan herself.

Her work with BAMMA has seen her appear on TV as a BAMMA BELLE (Spike TV, MMA TV and Channel 5 not mention streaming on numerous YouTube channels.

Photography by Thomas Moore and Ricardo Guglieminotti


Judy Fitzgerald is an Irish model who became nationally recognised after winning the Miss Bikini Ireland model search. She went on to represent Ireland in the world finals of Miss Swimsuit International, in Cancun, which is renowned for being the world’s largest bikini model search. She competed against contestants from 80 other countries. Judy is a high profile model who has worked with the world’s leading photographers and featured in many national and international publications. She has attended many many high profile events including New York Fashion Week, the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix and Wimbledon to name but a few. Judy is also an actress who has worked on a variety of TV ventures, TV shows and commercials. She has also worked as a judge and host at various beauty pageants and social events. She is part of one of the biggest MMA companies in the world BAMMA, appearing on national television as a BAMMA Belle.

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