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‘ I’m also just glad i don’t have to be sparring with that motherfucker anymore’ – Artem on Owen Roddy

‘ I left Russia when i was 13. I learned to fight in Ireland’ – Artem Lobov

#UFCNashville is fast approaching and for UFC Featherweight Artem Lobov, it his one and only opportunity to steal the limelight and star in his very own main event with Cub Swanson. In the home of the Grand Ole Opry it’s time for Artem to bring the house down or exit stage left through the paupers exit. Unfortunately that can be the brutality of the UFC.

Artem Lobov fights out of the John Kavanagh – Straight Blast Gym – and he is one of the old schoolers of the Kavanagh regime. In fact , Kavanagh in late 2016 , said he has travelled more with Artem than any other fighter under his tutelege.

Inevitably any conversation about Artem involves talking about Conor Mcgregor. Artem has sparred more rounds with Conor than anyone on the planet. As the Russian Hammer put’s it himself

‘ I am training with the best guy on the planet on a daily basis’

artem Conor

More than that the two are very close. In fact in an interview last year John Kavanagh revealed that so brutal were the sparring sessions between the two that he had to put an end to them, much earlier in Mcgregor Training Camps for fear of injury or leaving his best stuff on the training mat.

One of the side effects of the massive explosion in Mixed Martial Arts in Ireland due to Mcgregor is that Straight Blast Gym has expanded beyond all recognition and has affiliates all around the country. This has led to Kavanagh expanding his team of trainers and to this end Artem is being coached , for this fight, by none other than Owen Roddy who would be one of the real pioneers in Irish MMA.

Artem is delighted with the set up and revealed as much in an interview with MAC Life productions. He considers Roddy that rare beast a former fighter with natural coaching ability and a talent for breaking down complex movements and sequences simply. The other side of it is

‘ I’m also just glad i don’t have to be sparring with that motherfucker anymore’ – Artem on Owen Roddy

Artem’s professional record is a mixed bag as you can see below. However he was guilty of taking fights everywhere and anywhere earlier in his career. He is currently on a 2 fight win streak in the UFC and this is most definitely his shot. He is Ranked 37 versus Cub Swanson’s 5. If he loses – a top 10 fight could be a long time coming around again.

Artem Fight Record

Due to the fact he and Cub are headlining this event it puts near the top of pay scale for the event as a whole – this means he has been able to plan to head out to Nashville a whole two weeks before the event to acclimatize and also he is in a position to bring 2 sparring partners with one of whom is the highly in demand Peter Queally.

Artem has spent a lot of his career in the Peter Queally sparring position – for Conor Mcgregor. On Saturday April 22nd 2017 we’ll find out , as he emerges from the shadows, into the Octagon,   if he can handle ‘The Ring Fire’ as well as his illustrious friend.



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