“We’ve been checking her out. She’s a little bad ass,” – Dana White on Mackenzie Dern

I caught this little snippet Dana gave to reporters while frantically researching interviews and fight footage in the run up to #UFCLondon. I noted and filed it away under the heading ‘Investigate further’ when the dust settles on the #UFC fight week in London.

When Dana White comments publicly like this on an a relative unknown (unknown outside of BJJ circles at least) it got me thinking of Conor McGregor’s  start to UFC life 4 and a bit years ago. Mackenzie has a definite buzz around her as my research of the past couple of days has found out.

Yet the bare facts of her life as a purely MMA fighter are not exactly overwhelming, Mackenzie has a 3-0 record as a professional MMA fighter. Yes Folks that’s 3 …..not 13 or 30….3 professional fights. She has won all three fights one via submission and 2 via decision. Oh yeah AND in two of these three fights she has fought at a catch-weight due to difficulties making the specified weight.


However here is where a little deep diving helps to understand the hype and why Dana dropped that quote at the beginning of this article. As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner Mackenzie Dern is a fucking Thoroughbred Racehorse. If she was Royalty…we’re talking the British Royal family not some fucking queen of a tribe of muck savages. Simply put her Dad is Wellington ‘Megaton’ Dias and her Stepmom is Luciana Tavares. Dias is BJJ gold. Simple as that and he has been training her more or less from the age of 3. Rather than fumbling any further trying to explain this just take a look at her biography below and pay particular attention to the lineage.


On careful examination of her issues with weight cuts in her last two fights it should be noted from above she is comfortable at 125-130 lbs. However in her last fight she was trying to hit 115. Now you can take it as given this girl does not suffer form a work ethic problem or dietary one either probably – however at 5’3″ she probably rightly concludes that as a possible MMA and ultimately UFC fighter she’s going to need to make that 115 cut. Why? – Well simple ….you start going up to the next weight class your coming against taller girls with longer reaches and punching power. At this point i am not exactly sure as to the nature of this aspect of her game as i haven’t seen enough of it – but you can be sure that getting punched in the faced takes getting used of – and if it was me i’d want to be getting my striking game developed in that 115 StrawWeight division while at the same time having the rockstar grappling to fall back on.

Just a quick note on the social media / Media side of things. The girl is really attractive and has an Instagram following that currently stands at 376,000. Based on a quick review of her social media i’d say she is a sponsor’s wet dream. Conor Mcgregor came into the UFC as double world champion and so does Mackenzie Dern and for some reason, as the future unfolds,  i don’t think that comparisons between them will end there



stats taken from the great BJJ Heroes Website


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