A little of the beaten track to write an article about a beaten fighter, However i was really impressed with how Lucie Pudilova handled her UFC debut in London tonight. The Judges marked the fight 29-28 to Lina Lansberg but Lansberg was last seen in the back of an ambulance on the way to hospital one assumes to check that there has been no lasting damage done to her face. See below

Puilova Lansbegr

Remember that Lansberg has stood toe to toe with Cyborg so she is a fighter with some pedigree. This is Pudilova’s second time to come out on the losing end of a fight with Lansberg however there is no doubt that she has closed the gap considerably tonight. It is remarkable to think that she is still only 22 and i would fully expect her to learn from tonight’s experience and win her next UFC fight. I thought some of her striking tonight was quite remarkable and crisp and she seems to understand instinctively distance in the strike zone. However she was a little naive and the was to her cost against an opponent that has over 10 years more experience than her. All in all though this Czech native can be proud of her performance on her debut in the UFC and we will be following her next fight with great interest.




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