I’ve had featherweights on my mind for most of the day. In particular female featherweights. No not in that way. O.K. maybe a little bit!

I was thinking that there are at least 5 female featherweights or more specifically 6 female MMA fighters who could fight as Feather weights in the newly formed division. Fighters that are great technical Martial Artists and of differing style’s. I think if Dana White and the UFC approached the formation of this division in the right way he could find a way of replacing the lose of Ronda Rousey and at the same time create a huge buzz. Firstly let’s name the 6 Featherweights that i have in my head.

Cris Cyborg

Germaine De Randamie

Julia Budd

Megan Anderson

Holly Holm

Cindy Dandois

Julia Budd2

Picture is of Julia Budd – Courtesy of Girls with Muscle

Obviously at the moment Cris Cyborg is head and shoulders above the rest – However i don’t think she is as far ahead as some commentators and perhaps Dana White believe. In the first instance i would get her active with a main event card against Germaine De Randamie. Although De Randamie isn’t a huge star even after her win against Holly Holm  I believe Cyborg possesses enough wattage to make this a  big Pay Per View event.

Next comes the risky bit. Build a UFC fight card around the other 4 fighter mentioned above. I honestly believe they have the talent, determination, media skills and yes …looks to make this a huge event. The thing about these girls they all have a different look and style and the 4 of them working together would sell this around the Globe. I’d lay the fights out as follows

Megan Anderson vs Julia Budd

Cindy Dandois vs Holly Holm

Now the controversial bit. The winner of Anderson vs Julia Budd fights Cyborg (assuming Cyborg takes care of De Randamie). The Winner of Dandois vs Holm fights DeRandamie.

Why does the winner of Megan Anderson and Julia Budd Get to fight Cyborg? Simple i rate them higher than Holm and Dandois. In fact i rate both of them higher than De Randamie but that’s an argument for another day!.

I think if Dana White prioritises these 6 fighters over the next 6 Months he can build himself a division worth fucking talking about – but i really believe the key is gathering the 6 together now and coming up with a plan that’s similiar to the above. As always I’d love to hear your feedback!

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